by Tiffani Greenaway of

The woman known for throwing shade is a few shades lighter herself.

Possibly shamed so much by the public dragging she got from 14-year old Disney star Skai Jackson, Azealia Banks seems to be taking on a whole new identity altogether.

The originator of your favorite Twitter beefs confirmed that she’s been bleaching her beautiful brown skin with Whitenicious, a controversial lightening cream.

While Banks doesn’t seem to care what you think about her, it’s clear in tweets from her banned account that she feels lighter skin could help her music career and her romantic life (or a better attitude, maybe?).

All jokes aside, I wish Azealia could see her skin the way we do–as a gift. It’s important that we teach our little brown girls to embrace the skin they’re in, so that they can celebrate their beauty in the face of society’s outdated standards.

Love her or hate her, Azealia Banks is an example of why we need to love ourselves.

What say you?

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