by Sherrell Dorsey of Organic Beauty Vixen

Last night, while working into the wee hours of the night on articles for other publications that I write for, I got distracted by a few tutorials on how to maintain dread locks. This November I will be four years strong as a locked goddess but let me tell you that even with a few years under my belt, I’m still learning how to properly care for my hair.

I started my journey with human hair kinky twists, allowed the new growth to come in and gently palmed rolled the roots while snipping off the extended hair. While my hair is now shoulder length and somewhat healthy I do have the occasional breakage and thinning. After a trip to Good Hair Salon back in June, my stylist Zue showed me how to “interlock” my new growth to keep my locks strong. I was intrigued and eventually started to use this method for regular maintenance in addition to palm rolling.

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Now I’m not sure which way to continue my locking process to ensure that my locks are healthy and “properly” locked. With interlocking, you use a latch-hook to loop the tip of the hair through the root of your hair securing your locks at the base.

Pros of Interlocking:

  • It looks a lot neater
  • Lasts a little longer
  • You can immediately get your hair wet without the fear of it unraveling

Pros of Palm Rolling:

  • Less labor intensive
  • Creates a cylinder look
  • Is extremely easy to do with the right locking products 

However, excessive palm rolling can make the locks weaker causing them to break.

So what’s a girl to do? I need some help and your thoughts on how I should go about doing my locks. Do any of you do a combination of both?