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Christian rapper Lacrae’s website describes him as “remaining true to his beliefs,” and an “artist that redefines mainstream popular culture.”

The Grammy and BET Hip Hop award winner shared his beliefs in a tweet on the 4th of July, sparking backlash from some fans.

Fans accused the rapper of making “everything a race issue” and “alienating the body of Christ.”

The 4th of July holiday may be a celebration of independence for some, but for many others, it brings to mind the injustices we’ve faced at the hands of this country. All the BBQs, fireworks, and one-day sales in the world can’t erase years of slavery and its effects on black people even today. As more and more celebrities use their platforms to speak out about black culture, more and more people voice their displeasure at what they deem is “racist, hate speech” , like the petition calling for Jesse Williams to be fired from Grey’s Anatomy (it’s handled, in case you were wondering).

At least one white fan supported Lecrae, tweeting, “TY for the reminder that July 4th meant freedom for some, but not all. We must keep fighting until all have equal rights & freedom.”

Lecrae released his seventh studio album, Anomaly, in 2014, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200, Digital Album, Rap Album, Christian Album and Gospel Album charts. His recently released Church Clothes 3 features collaborations with N’Dambi, E-40, and other mainstream artists.

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