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Tips for Caring for Fine Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tips for Caring for Fine Natural Hair
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Having fine hair is not a bad thing, unless what you are experiencing is in fact hair thinning, which is totally different.

Fine hair means that the diameter (width) of a single strand is smaller than that of a person whose strands are medium or thick. Hair thinning is when you have less strands of hair on your head than what you actually should. Someone could have thick strands and be lacking in the amount of strands they should have.

Fine hair can really be beautiful, especially if it’s treated properly. Some positives are: it may be more lightweight, easier to manage and have more movement than thick hair. Here are some tips for providing the best care:


Choose light products

The key to managing fine hair is to not use products that can weigh it down. Go with products on the lighter side. Heavier products will take away from volume and make your hair appear even more thin. Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or argan oil are excellent choices for sealing in moisture without adding excess weight.


Get a good clarifying shampoo.For the times when you choose to use products that are heavy clarifying will be useful for removing product buildup.

Be Gentle

Since fine hair is thinner in diameter it can be more prone to breakage. Reduce exposure to alcohol laden products that cause increased dryness. Make sure that when you are detangling you are being cautious as this is an area if you are not careful you can lose a lot of hair. You may want to try finger detangling.

Use heat sparingly

Minimize heat styling and when heat is employed, be sure to use thermal heat protectantsthat are not silicone based that utilize natural oils. The Just Natural product line has a great heat protectant serum that protects hair but doesn’t weigh it down. It’s a little pricey, so be prepared, but it is definitely worth the price!

Be critical of products that promise volume

Check the ingredient lists closely to make sure that you are not compromising your hair and scalp’s health when shopping for hair thickening products. If your strands happen to be naturally fine and you are not suffering from hair thinning no product will be able to change the thickness of your strands.

As with all grades of hair, fine hair does in fact have its own challenges, but with the right care you will definitely love it more and more each day!

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