by Tiffani Greenaway of

In this “post-racial” America, we’re always hearing about people who embrace everyone, regardless of their color, religion, or gender. People who are so evolved that they “don’t even see color.”


Those same people must be running the Television Academy’s Twitter account, because they tweeted a picture of “Empire” star Terrance Howard arriving on the red carpet at the Emmys last night—and tagged Cuba Gooding, Jr.

This isn’t the first time a news outlet has confused two of our stars. Total Beauty tweeted about Oprah’s tats at the Oscars, not realizing that Oprah doesn’t have any. Or locs.

And who can forget the time Armani celebrated Idris Elba’s gorgeous gown?

Are these honest mistakes, or do we really all look alike to some people? Black actors and actresses consistently show up and show out on the red carpet—so why is it so hard to remember who they are?

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