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Bored After Your Big Chop? 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Bored After Your Big Chop? 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Natural Hair
by Tiffani Greenaway of

We all remember the excitement that came with the big chop. How am I going to look? After scrolling through the ‘gram and watching dozens of YouTube videos, you chop off your permed ends, revealing a teeny, weeny, afro. Now what?

After the first few weeks, a TWA can get, well…boring. It’s too short for the really cute styles you saw online, and all you can do is wait anxiously for it to grow out. If you’re bored afyer your big chop, here are 6 ways to spice it up.

1. Big earrings.
Earrings can add to your overall look. Large gold hoops, fabric wrapped ovals, or even chunky wood pieces can make a difference.

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2. Makeup.
Most of the naturalistas rocking TWA’s have brows and beat faces. To make your hair stand out, add a pop of eye shadow in a funky color or try a strip of natural looking lashes.

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3. Scarves.
Head wraps are another way to adorn your natural crown. Try a folded headband or a pretty gele inspired wrap to add style to your TWA.

4. Gel.
I’ve never seen a YouTube tutorial that doesn’t involve the requisite Eco Styler. A brush and a jar of this popular gel can calm your edges and add a lil’ something extra to your TWA.

5. TWA styles.
Your ‘fro may be teeny, but you can still rock different looks. If your hair is long enough to cornrow, try a braided headband. A few flat twists in the front can also spice up your look. Even a simple part can give you a whole new style.

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6. Confidence.
This is the most important piece of your new look! Werk your fierce ‘fro with self confidence. It takes a bold woman to wear her hair short. Celebrate the fact that you’re taking a step in your natural journey and hold your head high!

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Bored After Your Big Chop? 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Natural Hair
Tiffani Greenway is the wife and mom behind MyMommyVents, a New York city parenting blog. Her tips have been seen on Yahoo Parenting, Mommy Noire, and Fit Pregnancy. Find more of Tiffani’s work at

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