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The 6 Best Inexpensive Leave-in Conditioners to Try This Fall!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The 6 Best Inexpensive Leave-in Conditioners to Try This Fall!

by Sabrina Perkins of

Not everyone is looking for heavier conditioners in the fall. Leave-in conditioners are just as useful during colder months and great for hairstyles that do not require heavy butters or oils ,like twists and braids. Some of us still rock a wash and go year round (like me) or prefer twistouts, or braidouts and just like a light hold that allows hair movement.

We also like moisturized strands on the cheap because as we get closer to the holidays, we want to pinch pennies so we can have more funds for holiday parties, gifts and going out. Is it possible to do both? It sure is and we’ve got a list of the best of the least expensive leave-ins worth trying this fall and winter.


ApHogee Pro Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner
Known for their protein treatments, ApHogee also has a mega-potent leave-in worth giving a try this fall and winter. This quiet favorite will support all hair types and a wiz at eliminating frizz by sealing in moisture. Being well under $10 is an even better reason to give this deep penetrating, leave-in conditioner a try.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner
The least expensive on the list but don’t let that make you think it doesn’t work. Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner is a big fave among naturals because softens and smoothes hair instantly while helping to protect your hair against damage and frizz. Also, well under $5, this leave-in is one to at least try and check out what it has to offer.

Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner
There must be a perfect balance of protein and moisture in natural hair to stay healthy and Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner provides continuous moisturizing with fatty acids, triglycerides, squalane, lipids and wheat proteins. All this mega moisture for just under $10!

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner
Another fave among naturals on a budget, Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner is a weightless, stay-in hair conditioner that imparts shine and body while working hard on frizz and preventing split ends. A must-try leave-in that is well below $10 and great for hair movement.

Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave‑In Conditioner
A great line for curlies of all textures, this leave-in is ideal for the heat-styling natural who’s all about protecting her strands. Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave‑In Conditioner acts as a re-hydrator and nurtures and detangles damaged hair with ease. Right under $10 makes this a must-have for the damaged natural who loves heat-styling.

SheaMoisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner, Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Last but most certainly not least, this popular line from SheaMoisture’s leave-in conditioner is sulfate-free, removes build up while infusing hair with moisture. Gentle enough for everyday use and right under $10 so you will never worry about breaking the break with this huge jar.

When it comes to leave-in conditioners, finding ones that work and work well can be a challenge, so spending a lot of money can be a daunting. This list is a good solid list of great leave-ins to try this fall and winter that won’t break the bank and may become your Holy Grail!

What’s your fave leave-in during fall and winter or which one are you ready to give a try?

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