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The Secrets to Making Your Natural Hair Blowout Last

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Secrets to Making Your Natural Hair Blowout Last
by Michelle Thames of

Looking for ways to keep your heat-styled natural hair straighter, for longer? Are you tired of spending hours blowing out your natural hair and it not lasting like you want? Girl, I have been there, and believe me I know that it can be frustrating. Whether you’ve spent hours doing it yourself, or hours at the salon, you want to get the most of your new style! #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

I am here to tell you how you can get your blow out to last 2 weeks. I know you can because I have done it! Here are 4 ways to help make your blow out last up to 2 weeks.


Use a Heat Protector
Before you blow dry and flat-iron it is important that you use a heat protector– it not only acts as an insulator for your strands, but it can help lock out humidity.

Start your Style with A Lot of Curls
The more curls you start out with the better. The more curls you add while you are doing your blowout, the less likely you will have to rely on heat styling over the next few days. The curls will gradually fall, but you will not have to worry about having flat hair or using more heat to re-style your hair.

Avoid water like the plague
You want to avoid all products that are water based. So this means certain edge controls and gels. Don’t use too much edge control because you don’t want your hair to revert back or get weighed down by too much product. Make sure that your hair is protected in the shower as well, put that shower cap on we are not judging you.

Wrap or Pin Curl your hair at night or anytime

Yes EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. You should be wrapping your hair up. If I am just around the house and not going anywhere I make sure to keep my hair wrapped up. This will definitely keep your blow out lasting a few days longer. Wrapping your hair is essential when working out as well. You definitely don’t want to sweat your tresses out while you are getting your sweat on. In my experience my hair has lasted longer when I wrap my hair when I am working out.

By following these tips you can make your blow out last for a few weeks. That’s a good amount of time because I know the struggle of straightening your hair, or getting it straightened by a professional. xoxo

How do you make your blowout last longer?

CN Says:
I’ve been rocking straight hair for the last couple of months and I can go 3-4 weeks (working out moderately everyday) by keeping my hair pin curled, flat twisted (2) or bantu knotted and under a silk scarf (extra attention on the edges) while on the exercise bike and at night time.  These three night time (or work out) prep styles keep my edges laid and my hair textured to hide any reversion.  hth! 

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