Hola Chicas,
Real quick–
I love the look of blow-outs but I never know what to do with my hair after… the idea of lightly wetting and/or adding product to my hair to create a strrrreeeeetched twist-out or braid-out is cool (although I do cringe, after all the work it takes to stretch it), but the sets don’t last long and product build-up happens FAST as hell.  Enter Caruso Rollers.  I’ve been experimenting with them for a couple of months now and they are my answer to fluffy, soft definition without added product or water… just a little steam!

To achieve this look I blew out my clean, damp hair using a little Aphogee Green Tea leave-in (also a heat protectant) and a blow dryer with a comb attachment.  I then set my hair on about 18 rollers (mostly medium, except for a few smalls in the back).  I left each roller on the steamer for 5 seconds (any longer and they get wet) and immediately rolled each medium-sized section.  I let them set (and cool) for 20 minutes and this is what you get! Curls that last for 2 days!!! You can pin curl at night if you like or re-set.  I absolutely love this look and adore that I don’t need to keep adding more product! WIN.

About to hit these DC streets (not really, we’re probably gonna be in and around our apt building!) so The Red Queen can get her life. 
Later Gators, 

p.s. more pics–

 our first ever pumpkin carving experience!