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How to Wash Fine Curly Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Wash Fine Curly Hair
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by Mary Wolff

While most people think of curls as big and thick, there are so many variations when it comes to our beautiful ringlets. One of the more common, and most complicated, is hair that is both fine and curly. Fine hair tends to require more care because it is especially vulnerable to breakage. When you add in the curl factor, good hair care is even more important. Most curlies have a complicated relationship with the wash process. Washing your fine curly hair doesn’t have to be a production! We have some tips on how to wash fine, curly hair that may help lower some stress.


The most important part of learning how to wash fine, curly hair is learning how often. Larger and thicker curls tend to suffer from dryness. On the opposite side of the spectrum, curls that are fine are prone to retaining too much natural oil and buildup. This buildup is brought on by daily styling product use for the most part. Before you start to worry, the answer is not to throw out your styling products, ladies! We just need to adjust the game plan a little. The most essential part of any hair care routine, regardless of hair type, is to pay attention to your hair. If you find you have too much residue after a few days of not washing hair, then consider washing more often. If you can go a few days and hair still feels great, then wait until hair feels dirty or heavy with buildup. Hair washing frequency is a matter of lifestyle and personal preference. There are no set rules for when a curlgirl should wash her mane. Figure out what works best for you!

The next step is to figure out which products work best for fine curls. It is recommended to use products sparingly on fine curls. Thinner hair needs less shampoo to get out the dirt trapped under follicles. Shampoo should be gentle but since fine hair retains oil better than thicker curls, it is usually okay to use a stronger shampoo for help removing buildup. When washing fine, curly hair, it is a good idea to separate hair into sections to make sure you thoroughly get each section clean. This is useful for curlies with a lot of hair. Massaging the scalp can help spread oils more evenly and relieve stress for an added bonus!

When it comes to washing fine, curly hair, it is important to try new things and experiment to find the routine and products that work best for you. Hair care is a deeply personal endeavor and you know your hair better than anyone.

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