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Black Greek Members Are Sharing Their Immigration Stories Using #D9Immigrants

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Black Greek Members Are Sharing Their Immigration Stories Using #D9Immigrants
Photo courtesy of Watch The Yard
Written by Mike Orie of
Members of Black Greek Letter Organizations from the Divine 9 have taken to Instagram to share their stories of how their families immigrated to the United States for better opportunities.

While many of the stories surfaced online have been centered around Mexico, Trump’s saddened attempt on creating the #MuslimBan highlights just how much his ridiculous antics are affecting the African American community and those who migrated from the Diaspora.
BGLO-focused website kicked off the much-needed hashtag on Instagram and so far they’ve shared some pretty powerful stories. Check out some of them below.

“My family immigrated from Guinea 14 years ago. My parents gave up their lives & careers to give my siblings & I a chance at a better of life in a country they were unfamiliar w/ culturally & socially. Putting us through school while working jobs they didnt want to have, but they pushed through them. They’ve sacrificed so much for my siblings & I. Through all this they have taught me the importance of determination, the value of education & persistance. Today, I stand as a First generation COLLEGE GRAD, a proud MUSLIM, and a woman of DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. Thank you so much for your support.” – @she_so_aissy (@WatchTheYard is doing a project to highlight D9 immigrants/ refugees and put a critical a spotlight on how the US is currently treating immigrants. The purpose of this is to show that we need to care about these people because these people are our frat brothers and sisters.) #D9Immigrants
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What are your thoughts are reading some of these very personable stories? Share your reaction in the comment section below.
Black Greek Members Are Sharing Their Immigration Stories Using #D9Immigrants
Mike “Orie” Mosley is a freelance writer/photographer and cultural advocate from St. Louis. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management from Columbia College Chicago and a Masters in Higher Education Administration from LSU. He is also the co-founder of music and culture website In his spare time, he’s probably listening to hip hop & neo soul music, hitting up brunch or caught up in deep conversations about Black music. You can follow him on Twitter @mike_orie or on Instagram @mikeorie

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