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Here’s The Benefits Of Rinsing Your Hair With Mayonnaise

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Here's The Benefits Of Rinsing Your Hair With Mayonnaise
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by Mary Wolff

There are tons of new hair care trends floating around on the Internet. While the new trends might be an exciting way to rev up your hair care routine, the classics are still a trusted route for many curlies. One of the most time-honored DIY options is rinsing hair with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise has long been heralded as a great way to easily achieve super shine for your strands. Are there any other reasons you should consider rinsing hair with mayonnaise?  Well, yes! Here are a few reasons mayonnaise is for more than just sandwiches.

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1. Makes Hair Softer 

Mayonnaise is a great way to add a bit of moisturization to your strands, which will help make your hair softer. I know it seems a bit gross to put this goopy condiment in your hair, but I promise, your curls will thank you for it later. The reason is because mayonnaise has fatty oils in it, which we all know aren’t necessarily the best to eat all the time, but they are great for nourishing our hair.

2. Stops Frizz

Along the same lines of softness, mayonnaise helps hair to look frizz free by sealing cuticles so they aren’t raised. It will also help make your hair more moisturized which helps with frizz.

3. Removes Lice

Mayonnaise is one of the oldest and easiest remedies for lice. Mayonnaise kills lice and stops them from multiplying for an infestation. It is also gentler on the scalp than store bought lice treatments which tend to be very drying and powerful.

4. Hair Growth 

Hair growth depends on hair having the right nutrients needed to create growth. It also depends on the overall health of your scalp since that is where growth starts. Mayo is packed with essentials to help growth! The main ingredients in mayo are eggs, vinegar, and oil which help to keep your scalp properly moisturized to allow for growth while giving strands a boost, too. Another main part that helps with scalp health and growth is that mayo has L-cysteine. This is an amino acid known to help with growth and scalp health.

So, how do you add mayonnaise to your routine? You can try a hair mask like the one right here,  Another great way to use this natural powerhouse is to simply replace your normal conditioner a few times a month with mayonnaise. After you wash your hair, skip your usual conditioning and follow up and apply mayonnaise to your strands and scalp. Put on a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your length, and then shampoo again.  You are using twice as much shampoo, but you save on conditioner while getting some great hair benefits!

If hair seems dull and lifeless, it may be time to switch things up. Head to the kitchen and grab that mayonnaise for beautiful, healthy curls!

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