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Best Exercise Hairstyles for Type 4 Hair

By August 2nd, 2021No Comments
Best Exercise Hairstyles for Type 4 Hair
Photo: Sariane Leigh

by Mary Wolff

Working out is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you work out religiously or sporadically, you want to find the best hairstyle for your routine and hair type. If you have type 4 hair, keep your hair looking great during any sweat session with these picks for best exercise hairstyles for type 4 hair. When it comes to the best exercise hairstyles for type 4 hair, let’s take a look at your typical workout style.

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Gym Wife 

You are a gym wife if you are practically married to the gym. Your commitment is strong and you go to the gym at least 5 times a week to get in strenuous, heavy sweating types of workouts. If this is your style, your hair will require a washing or co-washing routine to get all that sweat and oil buildup out of the way. This means your hair needs to be careful about taking on extra damage. Protective styles are your friend! The best go-to for your gym wife status is twists and braids. You want to keep hair in a style that allows for the easiest routine. If you intend to sweat it up on the regular, washing all your hair can become time-consuming and potentially damaging, but with a protective style such as braids, you won’t have to spend as much time washing.

Here is a cute style that is great for intense workouts. It uses bigger sections to avoid adding strain to your edges which is always a good bonus!


The In and Out 

Your workouts are quick and relatively pain-free. You like to pop into the gym for a quick 30 minute or so low-to-medium intensity workout. If you like to exercise without the intense cardio and sweat, your style can be a little more relaxed since you won’t need to wash as often. A quick rinse or spritzing will probably be enough for your low-intensity workout style.

Don’t think because you aren’t tackling a serious sweat session that your hair is off the hook! You still need to put it up a little to get you workout ready. It is also a good way to avoid taking on buildup if you plan on doing a slightly more intense low-intensity gym session. Here are a few cute ideas that are also fast and easy.


The Inner Glow Queen 

If your workouts consist mostly of lighter exercises like Pilates or yoga, sweat may hardly be an issue for your hair during a workout. While you may not be doing high-intensity sweat sessions, you still need to keep your hair up and out of your way to fully focus on your poses or moves. Here are a few cute styles to bring out your inner yogi goddess in style.

Looking cute at the gym might not be a priority for you, but protecting your hair should be! With these styles tailored to your routine or the level of intensity, keep your strands in their best shape.

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