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Remember sitting next to the stove, waiting for the sizzling hot comb to glide through your hair?

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Or holding your ear down at the beauty parlor, excited about showing off your curls at Easter service

The press and curl of your childhood is back– with less damage.

The silk press is an upgrade to the process you grew up with. Instead of using grease to get a sleek, straight style, the silk press uses a flat iron and a light oil serum to give hair its bounce and sheen.

After a clarifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner, hair gets infused with even more moisture through a steam treatment and deep condition. After your locks are blown out, titanium or ceramic flat irons are used to “silken” natural hair.

Because hair is hydrated, there’s less damage to your natural curl pattern. “If you have moisture in the hair, you don’t have to work as hard to straighten it,” says Atlanta stylist Chantelle Nunes-Norman, whose salon specializes in the silk press. Less heat is needed to give you a straight look.

Less damaging than a traditional press and curl, a silk press leaves hair looking shiny and soft, with lots of movement.

Have you had a silk press before? Would you try one?
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