Fill ‘er up!

The next time you put $20 on pump 3, stop in Jonesboro, Georgia. The tiny town just welcomed the first black owned gas station in the entire county!

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Colisha Hicks and her fiancee Fatz own the Citgo station on Tara Boulevard in Clayton County, Georgia. Although the county population is 65 percent black, few businesses in the area reflect the residents.

Colisha and Fatz’s gas station is just one of the black businesses taking part in the #BuyBackTheBlock movement. Their Citgo went viral after a friend shared a Facebook video asking for community support–a local woman called police, assuming Fatz was holding the station’s owner hostage.

“We should have something to contribute to our people and let our people know that we can do the same thing that everybody else does,” Fatz said during an interview with Atlanta’s WXIA-TV.

The couple plans to contribute a portion of their profits to the community, and have already inspired teens in the area.

“The youth, when they see us, they’re shocked,” Fatz said. “That makes us feel good.”

What do you think about this couple’s story? How can we work to own more businesses like this in our community?
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