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7 Reasons to Watch ‘The Rundown with Robin Thede’

7 Reasons to Watch 'The Rundown with Robin Thede'
BET’s Robin Thede

By Nikki Igbo 
Trust me; you know Robin Thede. Even if you never saw her on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore or Key and Peele or Difficult People, you’ve heard her jokes and experienced her genius writing. She’s written for the BET Awards for forever as well as the NAACP Image Awards, the BET Honors, the Queen Latifah Show and Real Husbands of Hollywood. Finally the Northwestern University graduate and Second City alumni has her own show featuring her signature in-your-face, unapologetically Black, and unapologetically feminine take on current events. Since its première on BET on October 12, the Rundown with Robin Thede has been such a necessary late night attraction. Just in case you haven’t set a reminder for yourself to tune in every week, here are seven reasons why you should.
7 Reasons to Watch 'The Rundown with Robin Thede'
Robin Thede & Larry Wilmore 

Because the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore went away too soon. It was a real shame the way so many folks slept on Larry Wilmore’s show. But after a year on the air and 259 episodes, the Nightly Show is gone. Robin Thede was the show’s head writer as well as a contributor for the cancelled show—and that show (hand clap) went (hand clap) in (hand clap) as you can see in an example here.

Because the Black female comedic political perspective needs and deserves more attention.
So far on late night, there are 27 late night shows offering political and social commentary throughout the week. While there are 19 White male hosts, there are a mere six Black male hosts, 2 Latina female hosts, 2 White female hosts and 1 Asian male host. Until Robin Thede’s show, there were zero shows hosted by a Black female in late night—a sad fact that doesn’t accurately reflect Black female involvement in political and social movements at all.

7 Reasons to Watch 'The Rundown with Robin Thede'
Because Questlove created the show’s theme song. If you know, love and bump music by the Legendary Roots Crew, then you’re already aware of drummer Questlove’s musical genius—and therefore can surely guess that this theme song is both the bomb and the grenade.Because of Robin Thede’s Twitter page. To get a better idea of who Robin Thede is and what drives her comedy, check out her Twitter page. She’s candid. She’s endearing. She’s observant. She’s witty. She’s woke. It’s no wonder she was the first Black woman to be the head writer for the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

7 Reasons to Watch 'The Rundown with Robin Thede'
President Barack Obama

Because of the Rundown’s Instagram page. If Thede’s Twitter page doesn’t sate your thirst for this down woman, her Instagram page will surely save the day. With its mix of videos, glamour selfies and pics with some of America’s favorite Black people (Michael K. Williams, Jussie Smollett, Issa Rae, Uzo Aduba), it’s hard not to develop a healthy amount of celebrity feels for the savvy social commentator.

Because of the Randown with Robin Thede podcast. Each week following the show, Thede continues the conversation on the late night show’s topics on this podcast with other Black luminaries. The first episode featured Roy Wood Jr. while the second episode featured Ashley Nicole Black and Amber Ruffin. The conversations are both hilarious and illuminating.7 Reasons to Watch 'The Rundown with Robin Thede'

Because the Rundown with Robin Thede is just plain good. This might be the only show that actually commented about California using prison labor to fight the wildfires in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa. Yes, that happened. She also gave CTE the attention it deserved. It’s these kind of stories that need to be discussed in a more detailed and nuanced manner but usually aren’t. Thede’s show gives us a broadened scope of the American experience because, as a Black woman, she sees what others don’t—and that is definitely worth watching.The Rundown with Robin Thede airs Thursday nights on BET.

Have watched ‘The Rundown With Robin Thede’yet?
7 Reasons to Watch 'The Rundown with Robin Thede'


Nikki Igbo is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and political junkie. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Political Science from California State University at Fullerton and a Masters in Fine Arts of Writing at Savannah College of Art and Design. When not staring in disbelief at the antics unfolding on CSPAN, she enjoys philosophical arguments with her husband, 70’s era music and any excuse to craft with glitter. Feel free to check out her freelance services at and stalk her on twitter @nikigbo or Instagram at @nikigbo.


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