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How To Be Healthy & Vegan On A Budget

How To Be Healthy & Vegan On A Budget

By  Nicole Bourn
Carefully choosing what to buy is something almost everyone has been
through at some stage of their life. We all need to find a way of eating
healthy and vegan on a budget until we have enough money to not care as
There’s a very common misunderstanding of healthy,
plant-based food being exceptionally expensive. This might stem from the
idea that we have to buy expensive supplements, powders, superfoods or
vegan meat and dairy substitutes in order to sustain this lifestyle.
things can be nice to have but aren’t really necessary to thrive and be
healthy. If you strip it down to the basics, you will find that the
whole food plant based lifestyle can actually be dirt cheap and easily
affordable for anyone. With a little bit of knowledge, a healthy
diet bursting with taste and nutrients will fit your budget even if you
have to count every penny. The following 14 tips will get you the most bang for your buck!


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