By Tee Elle

I scroll through my Facebook news feed admiring the chubby-cheeked
faces that my high school classmates post. The happy babies are dressed
in toothless grins and two-pieced grownup outfits looking like little
men and women. I smile in recognition of the toddlers who are complete
miniatures of the people who upload the photos.
“Aww look at her,” I say to myself. “Too cute.”
Then I read the caption. It refers to “my grandbaby.”
Grandchildren? I’m not old enough to be anyone’s Grandma! Am I? But I’m not even a parent yet! Never mind that, I’m 41. And then I start to do the math, which has become an increasingly
growing habit these days. I calculate how I could have a high school
student right about now. Or a college student. Or (gasp!) a college
graduate. Then, yeah, I guess it would be possible to be a grandmother
at 41 had I not thrown the proverbial biological clock across the room
and postponed motherhood.