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9 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

9 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think You Are

By Ruu Hawkins

We all enter seasons in our lives where we feel like everything is coming to a head – life just won’t let up. I,
for one, experience this period of “WTF” every few years, or so. Most
recently – last May to be exact – I had firmly set my feet back on the
ground (financially) following a drought of sorts due to job loss,
followed by inconsistent freelance work, and countless financial
emergencies, which drained my life savings.

Following a move from the west coast to the east coast – I was now
surrounded by family and friends – a longing I had carried for several
years prior, as a young single mother. My daughters were adjusting
nicely. I felt as though the storm was over. Only, within eight months
of returning to my hometown life knocking at my door was a fresh basket
of lemons. Once more, I was faced with uncertainty as both a mother and
provider, after receiving a pay cut of 50 percent – with but a week’s


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