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Curly Nikki

And The Winners Of The MAD FREE Tee & Tote Bag Are…

And The Winners Of The MAD FREE Tee & Tote Bag Are...

Happy Holidays Ladies,

We hope you’re having a wonderful day! We asked what you like to do for fun and you surprised us with everything from playing video games to blasting music and dancing like a big kid! Thanks for entering the giveaway, and without further ado, the 3 winners of a MAD FREE tee & tote bag are…


And The Winners Of The MAD FREE Tee & Tote Bag Are...
  • Trish Cole
  • My son’s teacher has been teaching him how to use American Sign Language to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing and this was really exciting to me, because one of my friends taught me how to sign when I was a kid. For fun, I like to practice signing with my son-we even go to deaf coffee chats around Chicago to brush up on our skills.
  • Tangi Jones 

    When I want to unwind and have fun I settle in for a conversation with my 83 y.o. grandmother who lives in Mississippi. When she’s feeling it, she shares all sorts of old wives tales, home remedies, gardening tips, child rearing dos & dont’s, relationship advice, how to preserve my hot peppers from my garden for winter chili and salsa! And don’t even get her started on her soulja days of sit ins and boycotts in the 50’s! And she’s so funny! She gives me life! ❤

    Keyona Richmond 

    I get in comfortable clothes, hop on the four wheeler & ride through the wooded trail in back of our house. Then after a nice shower…I go to the foot spa and get a pedi (wine included) followed by an amazing 30 min foot massage. When with my family we all play Micheal Jackson Experience or Just Dance 2017 & I show them no mercy! We also build a fire outside & roast marshmallows for smors!

Please email with your full name and address using MAD FREE Winner in the subject line. Thanks everyone for entering and stay tuned for our next giveaway! 

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