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Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!

Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!
Megan L. McGlover via IG

Take one look at Megan L. McGlover, originally from Anaheim, California, currently residing in LA, and it’s clear that confidence is not her issue. But it wasn’t always that way, like many of us she struggled with what she calls ‘a thick grade of “undesirable hair.”‘ Natural for 15 years, and in school, find out how Megan made the transition to the confident Queen you see today, and what she learned from her Mama that she uses in everyday life!


Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!
Megan’s IG

What products do you use on your hair?
I use different products, to be honest. I was using Shea Moisture until they made that mistake. Sometimes I use the Curly Pudding by Miss Jessies’s, Curls products as well. I use the ICE gel because it’s alcohol free. While I think some products are better than others, what you put in your body trumps it all in my opinion. No pun intended!

Did you have any hair inspiration growing up?

Interestingly enough, growing up my hair inspirerers were my two sisters. My eldest was the queen of individual braids and my older sister did the corn-rolls and platted looks. I only started going to the shop to get my hair braided at the infamous “Braids of the 80’s” on Crenshaw when both sisters went to college and no one was left to do my hair… my Mother did not braid, she pressed the glory right out the hair. I’m sure I still have burn marks on my ears.

Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!
Megan’s IG

How did you learn to do your hair?
We taught each other how to do hair. Because of my sisters, I have always done my own hair. I’ve had my locs for 15 years and have washed, twisted and styled them this entire time. It’s my hair and I’m proud of my crown. From teenage years, I braided my own hair, once spending 23 hours straight (except for bathroom breaks) braiding micro individuals. When I had a mohawk I faded my sides in my bathroom mirror, when I wore weaves, I installed them, I put weaves in my sister’s and Mother’s hair as well. So you’re asking, “Damn girl, why didn’t you open a shop?” LOL Doing hair is like being beautifully black or being great at sports, or being great in school, or being a good dancer, a great speaker… well duh of course you’re good at it, You Are Black! Doing hair in my humble but very proud opinion, is a natural knee-jerk talent because it is an Ancestral trait that is transferred down through our cell makeup and DNA. How do I know this is true? Because no one taught my sisters how to do what they did and Youtube wasn’t popp’in back then. So how did they figure it out? Who taught me to twist my locs, when I’m the only person in my family who has ever had them? Who showed me how to care for them? The Ancestors. Ase’

Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!
Megan’s IG

How has having natural hair contributed to your life/self-esteem?
I decided to grow my locs because I wanted to be natural but my natural isn’t that, “throw water on your hair, slick it into a ponytail and roll” type of natural. Rather mine is the, “dial a friend to come over and hold one side down while you try to gather the other side, then ask yet another friend to hand you 3-bands!” kind. So the press and curl wasn’t working for me and I simply did not want to put in another perm. Because I rocked braids often, I was used to being natural, but I didn’t always want to spend the amount of time putting in braids and keeping them neat (that’s big for me). The other important factor was my workout schedule. I’ve always loved to workout and I sweat a lot. So there goes the press and curl. I’ll admit, I was nervous at first because I was so used to changing my hairstyles constantly, and being locked into locs was a true commitment.

Self-esteem… chile please! There is NOTHING better than telling someone, “No this is my real hair.” I had to reach back and kiss myself just now. There’s nothing wrong with extensions, there’s nothing wrong with any choice you make, but for me, a girl who grew up with a thick grade of “undesirable hair,” I never dreamed that I would one day have a ponytail that grazes my back pockets as I walk. I’m proud of my hair, I’m proud of my heritage, and that has come from my experience with locs.

Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!
Megan’s IG

What’s been the best part of your natural hair journey?
My journey has taught me more about me and much less about the need we may sometimes feel for others. Simply, we hold our own joy, we hold our own peace, we hold in our hands and our hearts… Our Own Beauty. Having natural hair has affirmed that. What I eat comes out in my hair, there’s no one I can blame for that. What I eat and drink comes out in my skin… there’s no one I can complain to about that. I hold Me in the very palm of My Hands… and that, my Sistahs is the best palm roll your hair can ever receive.

Megan Is Naturally Glam And Hella Confident!
Megan’s IG

 How do you stay fit?
As I’ve gotten older I like to run. I run from 3 to 5 miles a day and 10
to 12 on the weekends. I’ve always lifted weights and enjoyed exercise.
It’s an INCREDIBLE way to relieve stress, to think, become clear, and it
teaches others how to treat you. My dedication to myself usually
intimidates those whom are not ready for loyalty. Not just in intimate
relationships, but in general. Because they see that I do not “play” with
myself, thus Don’t Play With Me.  I also love to cook. I mean I love to
cook. My Mother was an excellent chef and through Her I have been able
to understand flavor… almost like fashion (which I learned from Her as
well). In Her designs she mixed and matched patterns, just like we mix
and match flavors. In this way, I can be adventurous in the kitchen and
stay healthy.

Love ya Long… Love ya Strong!

Megan L. McGlover

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