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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Gia just came in the kitchen asking me if it was Saturday and when I said ‘no’, she looked hella disappointed and asked, ‘but how did that happen?!’ She’s only 7 and already knows the uneasy feels of ‘smonday’.

Today when you become aware of those all-too-familiar resistant thoughts or feels about ‘tomorrow’, do two things-

1. Stop. Breathe. Smile. Look around at where you are. You’re only feeling anxious or worried because your mind has jumped ahead to ‘tomorrow’, ‘somewhere’, while you are ‘NOW’, ‘HERE’. You’re at home (or church, or Momma’s house) and you’re comfortable, safe and warm. You’re blessed. Allow that realization to hit you. In this moment , before the thoughts/inner voice, there’s nothing wrong. There’s just those hands holding this phone and the reading of these words. All is well. Stay here. Smile. Smile bigger as you finish reading…


2. Allow and choose your REAL energy- the go(o)d feels. You pretty much do, think and feel the exact same way most of the time (which is why you appear to live the same day over and over with minor variations). I’m sure today and this evening you’ll go through your usual rituals, which no doubt includes dreading or resenting some aspect of your upcoming week. You probably don’t feel terrible, but the energy you’re serving is just ‘aiight’… ‘cool’ and that’s how next week will be too. Above, I reminded you that you can’t be anywhere but NOW and HERE. You’re always here and now. Even when ‘tomorrow’ arrives, it’s now… here. ‘Tomorrow’ is just your awareness of another ‘now’. What you are, in essence, is consciousness (‘now’) with a particular energy or vibration. So instead of giving into and repeating the same feels of ‘smondays’ past, turn within and find the inherent go(o)d feels buried beneath the worry thoughts. When you allow and become conscious of your natural vibe, your REAL energy of peace and joy, you not only feel better, but your subsequent ‘nows’ will be doper as they can only reflect what you’re feeling. #BeHerNow

What feels are you serving up right now? 

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