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Curly Nikki

Feeling Down? Read This.

Feeling Down? Read This.


If you’re triggered, no matter the reason, just watch. Don’t try to feel good or ignore the negative emotion or change your thoughts or behavior…just watch. Watch that body like it doesn’t belong to you— like it is someone else, entirely— like you’re watching a movie… a movie that you just started in the middle, with no context whatsoever about the plot or characters. You have absolutely no idea what’s currently happening on screen, nor do you know what happened previously, or care about what may happen later!

You don’t understand anything you see.  #ACIM

That’s what folks mean by ‘detachment.’ You don’t have to suppress angry emotions or try to smile when you’re sad. You just have to transcend the storyline for a second, watch and remember who you really are beyond the present fuckery— you have to detach or disentangle your real self from the limited self. A few seconds is plenty!

This simple shift in perspective (going from thinking to watching), not only brings up the feels of inner peace and joy, it allows the movie to shift in your favor. That’s the dope side effect. See the movie for what it is. Stay watching. You got this. #BeHerNow

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