You could also say, “Gratitude is the bridge from being ‘you,’ to being HER.” It’s the bridge to your new world.


Commit to silently repeating ‘thank you’ to yourSELF for the rest of the day. Say it as you walk to the car, while you wait in line, while you pretend to listen to your co-worker, while you check your hurr in the bathroom mirror.

Repeat it non-stop, loop it, and when you notice you’ve stopped, smile and pick that mug right back up! The more you say it, the more you feel it— especially if you silently but excitedly shout it to yourSELF. Try that, now… … you feel that? That’s it. That’s all you have to feel. That’s all you have to do. Just this. I promise you’ll see positive feedback from your environment today, but if you keep it up for the rest of the month, you’ll be DM’ing me your testimony. #BeHerNow

p.s. This mantra (or any other one) isn’t making things happen, it’s not ‘attracting’ or ‘manifesting’ your good. It’s just calming and focusing the thoughts and thus bringing the background awareness (the SELF, God, the Divine) to the foreground. This background awareness is the source of all— it already is ‘that,’ it already is ‘HER’ and every and anything else you could ever want to have or be. It is that ‘current of joy moving through you.’ Silently repeating ‘thank you’ is just one way to experience this background awareness. It’s just one of many ways to experience and be your true SELF.