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Curly Nikki

Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1

Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1


Breathe in slowly from your heart, and feel every muscle in your body melt as you exhale through your open mouth. Let everything go. Feel your shoulders relax down from your ears. Let everything be, as it is. Feel your stomach muscles release. Become aware of the body breathing, slowly, deeply.
Now, straighten up that posture, shoulders back, chin up. SMILE, diva! Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1

Feel that?! That’s your real energy— joyful, light, relaxed, flowing… Go(o)d. You might feel it in your stomach or your chest or even in your toes! Even if you only feel it a little bit, place your attention (like a spotlight) on whatever goodness you do feel, and watch it become more noticeable…seemingly stronger. When you’re feeling this energy you are no longer being ‘you’ you are ‘HER’ and everything that comes with it— HER life, confidence, success, love, abundance. In each moment you can either choose (1) ‘old you’ and more of the same, or (2) HER, and the path to your best life. Keep smiling.

This is Day 1 of your decision to sustain this energy. Your preferred energy. Your soul energy. HER energy. Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1Today, I Stand as HER. #BeHerNow #Day 1

And if you continue to stand as HER, to choose HER (aware of and marinating in this uncaused joy), things get wild. Negativity can’t touch you. Toxic people fall back. Shit situations resolve themselves. Dope opportunities find you. Versions of your long forgotten dreams start coming true. Your past loses all of its power over your present— you become limitless… powerful. Your life becomes unrecognizable — and all because of the simple decision to finally smile and be yourSELF. #BeHerNow #Day1 #BackOnYourPath

Will you commit?

In a notebook, write down who SHE is. What does she do? How does she feel? What does she have in her life? And as you go through your day, feeling the joy, know that you are THAT, you are HER, already. The inner feeling becomes the outer experience.

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