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By Michelby Coco Whitehead

Malcolm X was right; the Black woman in the most disrespected person in America. 2018 is coming off as the year to play aloof to the concerns of Black women. According to some, Ciara deserves backlash for asking women to value themselves more, Amara la Negra needs to assimilate and stop talking about colorism, and Monique needs to shut up and be happy Netflix offered her $500,000… I’m sorry, but where was everyone when Oprah said speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have? I’m just asking.

To support her opinion of why Netflix should offer her just as much as her male and white female counterparts, Monique said that she is “the most decorated comedian alive” when appearing on Sway’s Universe. I’m going to be honest with you and admit I had never heard the word ‘decorated’ used in that context, so I Googled it and here’s what I found:

Is Monique the most decorated? I really don’t know, and I don’t have time to research the décor. However, I do think she is a talented woman and half a million dollars is an insult for someone who has achieved what she’s achieved, no matter how long ago The Parkers aired, no matter if Queens of Comedy had other comediennes on the ticket, or if she deserved the Oscar for her performance in Precious. At this stage in my life, there are certain pay rates and situations I will not entertain because I am beyond what is being presented to me. Much like Monique’s alleged decorations, my credentials and self-esteem are valid reasons for me to not accept certain crap. What sensible human being doesn’t feel that way? 

Monique Ocar Win for the movie Precious
Will I be boycotting Netflix? Nope. But I do believe that Monique’s decision to stand up for herself based on what she knows about her accolades is valid, just like my friend Keisha feels about why certain employers choose to hire people who look like Kelly Bundy with the brains of Kelly’s nail polish.

We have got to stop turning a deaf ear to the message just because we don’t like the messenger. Intelligent people know how to think critically. They eat the meat and throw away the bones. (Maybe I shouldn’t have said meat; we criticize people for not going vegan these days as well! See how this whole being dismissive thing is getting out of control?) Monique might be crazy, but she’s not hallucinating. There is a problem with Black women getting what they truly deserve in Hollywood and life in general. Did we not see the superb success of Girls Trip last summer and how it later got snubbed at the Golden Globes? Okay, I thought so. Seek to understand if you wish to be understood. That is all. Now can we stop going off on Monique?

Do you support Monique?

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