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Why Your Black Hair Appears Brown & What To Do About It

Why Your Black Hair Appears Brown & What To Do About It
By Winnie Gaturu 

I was younger, my hair color was an enviable jet black color. As a matter of
fact, people often asked my mother whether she had died my hair black and when
she said no, many would still not believe her. However, over the years, I’ve
noticed that my hair appears to be brownish in color. In fact, it seemed like I had brown highlights. To get on the same
page, I’ve never colored my hair but it was relaxed at some point.
Currently, I’ve cut it short but it’s usually black in the morning and gets a
brownish tinge as the day advances. If you’ve also noticed the same thing with
your hair, here are a few possible reasons why this might be happening. 

Minerals in Water
water contains minerals and metals such as calcium and sulphur. When
you use this kind of water to wash your hair, the minerals stay on top of your
hair shaft instead of penetrating inside. This prevents hair from absorbing
enough moisture to keep it looking healthy. As a result, the hair might get
dull and seem lighter than it actually is. Hard water
eventually makes hair brittle which leads to excessive breakage.
you live in an area with hard water, make sure that you use filtered
water to wash your hair. This will allow you to clean your hair and allow it to
absorb the moisture it needs.

Hair has two
melanin pigments; eumlanin (dark) and phaeomelanin (light).
These two blend together in different proportions to create each
person’s hair color. The melanin is produced in specialized cells
known as melanocytes. These cells are positioned on each hair
follicle and release melanin to the growing hair strands. When hair strands get
exposed to sunlight, the melanin in them gets bleached. Since hair is
made up of dead cells, the affected part remains lighter. Exposure of hair
to sunlight makes it lighter. If you have black hair, it might end up looking
dull, lighter or brownish due to sun damage.  
your hair from intense sunlight. You can put on a hat or a head scarf
to make sure that the sun’s rays aren’t directly reaching your hair.

some, it’s simply genetics. The properties of your hair are
genetically coded and that is something you can’t change. You might notice a
similar hair trend with family members where their hair tends to lighten or
change color as they age. This is not a cause for alarm.
can’t change anything about your genes, you just have to live with it. Check your
hair from time to time to see whether you can find any changes. You
might be surprised to see several brownish strands growing naturally from the

your hair appears to be brownish or lighter from time to time, it
might be one or a combination of the reasons stated above. But then
again, it might be that your hair is naturally lighter, or brownish and you
only tend to notice the real color when you’re in proper lighting. However, if
you’re interested in dying your hair to make it darker, natural
will serve you best.  You
can use henna or Cassia to
dye your hair especially if you have a couple of grey strands. In addition to
adding some color,  both strengthen hair
and add a glossy shine to it.

do you deal with your hair when it changes color?
Winnie Gaturu is a writer, tech lover, mom, wife and student from Nairobi, Kenya. During her free time, she loves trying out new recipes, diy projects, filling in crossword puzzles and spending time with her family. You can catch up with her on

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