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7 Things I Hope To See On This Season’s Braxton Family Values

7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values
The Braxton Family

By Brenda Alexander

I’ve been a stan of Braxton Family Values from the start. The sisters are beautiful, talented, relatable and hilarious! BFV expose what other reality shows fail to do: their actual reality. The sisters make headlines outside of filming with social media squabbles, money troubles and relationship turmoil. With all the headlines off season and the upcoming new episodes, here’s 7 things I hope to see!


Mama E

7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

I was shocked to see the Braxton matriarch spilling all the tea, honey and sugar to TMZ and any other media outlet willing to listen about the alleged Ike Turner tendencies of her estranged son-in-law that she says the Baby Braxton, Tamar, has been a long-suffering victim of. Don’t stop talking now Ms. E. sing that same song. This is the first season (hopefully) that Ms. E will unleash and assert her motherly authority. For too long, viewers have screamed through televisions begging her to put the girls in check through their nasty drawn fights. She’s always taken a back seat and let them handle their own problems as adults and sisters but I wondered if she had just put her foot down once and stern, would the nonsense stop? Hopefully, that’s the stance she takes.


7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

Toni’s a member proud yet semi-silent member of the bird gang. For months, she’s been sporting a rock on her ring finger leaving already perplexed fans wondering if she and Birdman had jumped the broom. Toni hasn’t revealed much throughout her time on the show. The lives and drama of her sisters have more so been at the forefront. She’s played coy with this relationship despite flaunting the ring, showing up on red carpets and song collaborations with her stunna. Hopefully she cuts the games and just puts it all on the table.


7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

Traci has come a long way from the sister who popped off in every family meeting about how she was left behind while her sisters had musical success. She’s found her lane and seems content now after releasing music of her own. Out of all of the Braxton girls, she’s the only one who is still (seemingly happily) married, despite her sisters calling her husband out in earlier seasons for his past cheating ways. Something must be working. It would be nice to see more of Traci’s life at home in Muurrland and both families integrated. There was a time when her husband and son were showed and I want to see more.


7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

When the show first debuted, we watched the middle sister play second fiddle as she acted as Toni’s Assistant, background singer and the family confidant. As seasons progressed, she slowly started stepping out on her own, using her voice, leaving her no-good husband and now she’s found a spot in the acting world. Her role in the Two Can Play That Game Stage Play just ended. I want to see Towanda shine! Show us the audition process, her killing it on set and for the grand finale, DATING! We want to see “Towanda The Body” getting her groove back. Andre is in the past, let’s see what her present and future looks like.


7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

No Gabe. Don’t talk about Gabe, don’t go to therapy to reconcile your feelings for Gabe, don’t show us any flashbacks of Gabe in past seasons. I recall Tamar referring to you and Gabe as “herpes simplex one who pops in and out.” Get a topical cream for that outbreak and make it go away. I’m over you and Gabe. Every season, he finds his way back. We have seen it all girl: the break ups, make ups, divorce filings, vow renewals and divorce with an attempt to salvage a friendship despite his petty and disgusting ways. There’s nothing more to be done. Instead, show us Bar Chix thriving. You can even create another pop song if you want. Just leave Gabe out. Please.


7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

Oh Tay-Tay how I love thee. But you’ve blasted and ridiculed your sisters publically for 5 long seasons about their man problems, exposing all of their flaws and going below the belt in cringeworthy arguments while you’ve frolicked around boasting about how amazing your man was. Viewers suspected trouble from what we witnessed on Tamar & Vince but we never imagined physical abuse (allegedly). This season, I’d love to see the truthful, vulnerable, HUMBLE Tay. Still shady and slightly bratty, but a tad bit humble.

Sing Ladies!

7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

Most of all, I’d like to see the Braxton Family do what they do best, SING…collectively. Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than watching the sisters break out into song at random, in perfect harmony. It’s what binds them together and seems to be the answer to all of their debates. They released a Christmas album a few years back but the fans want more. If they could pull together, especially this season with the turmoil the sisters seem to face, an original Braxton album is the real plug.

Braxton Family Values returns to WeTV on Thursday March 22.

What do you want to see this coming season?
7 Things I Hope To See On This Season's Braxton Family Values

Brenda is a Philadelphia native with a love for Marketing, Creative writing, wine and Jesus. Her work has been featured on Mayvenn’s Real Beautiful blog and she is the co-author of the book Christmas 364: Be Merry and Bright Beyond Christmas Night (available for purchase on amazon). Follow her on IG @trulybrenda_ and

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