Oprah & Tiffany on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
By Erickka Sy Savané
One of the reasons we love Tiffany Haddish so much is that she keeps it all the way real. Like, really real. So we wouldn’t expect anything less when she went on the Ellen DeGeneres show the other day and got to meet the Queen of TV Ms. Oprah Winfrey herself! Let’s just say that the ugly cry was in full affect, and it’s nice to see that dreams really do come true! Congratulations Tiff!

Oprah & Tiffany chatting it up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Tiffany posted this photo 3 x on her IG because she loved it so much! 

Tiffany is living it up! Not long ago it was Beyonce that she got to meet…

And it wasn’t her first time on Ellen. She also appeared on the show last year to promote her book The Last Black Unicorn
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Have you ever fanned out when meeting someone you admire? And do you believe dreams come true?

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