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Curly Nikki

Live As Her #BeHerNow

Live As Her #BeHerNow
Nikki Walton

Type ‘YES’ if you’re ready to live as HER!

Tension is misalignment and resistance. It’s manipulating and forcing outcomes. It’s going against the current. It’s lack. It’s the struggle. It’s human.

Relaxation is #GodsPlan. It’s alignment with who you really are. It is abundance, freedom…the journey and the destination. It’s letting ‘what is’ be, so ‘the more’ can come. It’s how you feel when everything is going right, when you’re on vacay, or when you’re snuggled up in bed with Bae on a Saturday afternoon. It’s how you feel when you know who you are.

Use this as your check-in throughout the day tomorrow. If you’re tense and agitated, you’re blocking the flow. But the minute you relax, the second you become aware of and release any tension, you’re back ‘on.’ You’re back to being ‘HER.’ You’re back to receiving HER blessings. It’s that simple.

Now, notice the weight of the phone in your hands. Become aware of the room you’re in— the sights and sounds. Feel the body breathing. Feel the breath deepen. Now, RELAX your shoulders. Feel your jaw relax and your face smile. Sit or stand up taller. Stay here. This is how SHE feels. This is HER— peacefully joyful, present, relaxed and ready for it all! #BeHerNow

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