Nikki Walton
Think of something you’ve been trying to manifest… something you want BAD. See it in your mind’s eye. Now, think of a thing or experience you used to want, but now have. See it in your mind’s eye.

Now go back and forth between the two— the thing wanted and the thing you have. You should be able to detect a slight difference in the way they’re pictured internally or more important, in the way they feel. Everyone is unique, so I can’t tell you how that difference will manifest for you, but I can tell you that the new thing or experience will find you ONLY when you find a way to feel about it the way you feel about the thing or experience you now have. Does that make sense? You have to bridge that gap to #BeHerNow .

HINT — you want the stuff you want because you ‘feel’ like you’re lacking it. It can’t come ‘til you feel like you HAVE it. ‘Having’ feels like a quiet mind (cause you are no longer seeking it), peace, relaxation and natural appreciation. ‘Wanting’ feels like mind-reeling-trying-to-make-something-happen, worry, doubt, tension, etc. You’re visualizing, vision boarding, thinking about it constantly, doing the most. So how to bridge the gap? Well, when you re-discover and re-connect with the power that you really are, you are WHOLE… you are everything and lack nothing. And the stuff you ‘thought’ you were lacking, rushes into your experience as a side-effect of this alignment. So find the inner stillness/silence/peace and don’t lose sight of it. Stay with it. Make it primary. It’s your key to freedom. #DontDismissThis And when thoughts come doubting your progress or looking for the thing you want, smile and say, ‘it’s already mine.’