Adut Akech

By Erickka Sy Savané

There’s a saying that goes, ‘don’t miss your entrance.’ Well, S. Sudanese model Adut Akech, who grew up in a Kenyan refugee camp before making her way to Australia as a kid, and just graduated high school last year, did not miss hers. When released a series of videos from New York Fashion Week starring Paris Jackson, model Ashley Graham and Cardi B., lip sinking to the song ‘You’re So Vain,’ it was Adut’s rendition that stuck out like a white person in Black Panther. Why? Because we haven’t been worked by a model like this since George Michael flipped the script with his classic ‘Freedom’ video or Michael Jackson and Naomi fired up the screen in ‘Keep It in the Closet.’ So exactly who is Adut Akech? Let’s find out!


@moschino Fall 2018
@versace.Adut’s IG

As seen in these photos, Adut has been smashing international runways!

The cover of the @davidjonesstore beauty book campaign” (Adut’s IG)

When faced with racism, she’s feisty! For example, when she got backlash for appearing on the David Jones beauty book cover campaign in Australia, she said this on the gram:

adutakech Despite all the negativity that occurred over this, I’m extremely proud of my latest @davidjonesstore
beauty book cover campaign. Not only am I proud of being the first
black model to be on the beauty catalogue cover, but it also makes me
proud to be representing not all black but other women of colour all
around Australia. I’m happy that David Jones were open minded to using a
totally different face for their latest campaigns, thank you for this
opportunity to represent. It makes happy to see how diverse the
modelling industry is becoming in Australia. It’s good to be seeing a
lot more different faces other than the typical “white” models, being
used for campaigns, beauty advertisements, commercials etc. For those
ignorant people who don’t like seeing change, well ya’ll better start
getting used to it
because there’s going to be a lot more of this to come. To all my south Sudanese, African, Asian, Hispanic sisters this one is for ya’ll. ❤️✊?✊?✊? #proudmoment #blackmagic #morediveristy

Adut IG

Another beauty shot cuz her skin is so flawless!

Adut and her fam

She loves her family and her gorgeous mama!

“I am my mother’s daughter,” Adut says on her IG

She’s as humble as they come. Check out all her cuteness in this video!

She was thrilled to meet Lupita and ‘other kind souls’ shooting the 2018 @pirelli calendar.

Adut and Lupita Nyong’o

  Like most teens, she likes to hang out with her girls!
Adut and her girls
You’re So Vain
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