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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Leaves Us Craving More Substance

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Leaves Us Craving More Substance
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast

By Brenda Alexander

It’s season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the first where I haven’t seen weekly headlines or recaps. What started off as a raw and fascinating depiction of the elite black women of Atlanta has transformed into a show of forced story lines and soured friendships. Here’s what we are left with…

After being accused of hiring boyfriends, Kenya Moore is married now and refuses to showcase her new marriage out of fear that her husband will be subjected to public scrutiny.
Marlo still doesn’t have an official peach despite her being more intriguing than most of the housewives.

Porsha’s “best friend” Shamea Morton, who the producers have been testing before bringing her on full time, is doing the most vying for that housewife title.

Kim Zolciak is back part time and still comfortable af greeting her black co-stars with a “hey bitch.”

America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille is new and was introduced when she decided to bring the only castmate who minds her business, Cynthia, to tears after telling the ladies that the man she was fixated on had a girlfriend.

Cynthia is single and divorced from the financial stress she claims strained her marriage but is desperate to keep the Jamaican coffee bean Peter Thomas as her BFF while she embarks on a journey to find her 50 shades by serial dating for the first time while she’s still got it.

Sheree’s in a full-blown committed relationship with a man incarcerated for a Ponzi scheme yet just last season, she was dating cross eyed ex, Bob.

Kandi’s still understandably pissed with Porsha for the Bill Cosby related allegations she and Phaedra let live last season.

And with the revolving door of “friends of the show,” it’s hard to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

So where can we go from here?

I’m tired of the frivolous fighting. A few behind the scenes clips of the girls in full effect when the camera is turned off has been leaked. These scenes are more entertaining and genuine. To see them tipsy and twerking is more fulfilling than them arguing and spilling each other’s tea.

There’s always been drama in reality tv. But, there was more balance in the first few seasons when the women had real friendships and believable beefs. Now, we’ve resorted to cast members teenage daughters purposefully (and immature and inappropriate if I may add) live streaming water bugs crawling on someone’s bathroom floor. I just yearn for more. But, it’s not their fault…solely.

Production plays a big role. They are responsible for what’s edited and what airs right? However, These are GROWN ASS WOMEN. There must be a balance of love and war shown. They have businesses and careers. Show them on tour, in meetings picking out designs for their brands. Hell, two of the women are in their 50s and I’m sure are dealing with some aging issues. Show them going through menopause (if they are) to bring more reality to what’s supposed to be reality TV. It’ll make it more relatable.

And please, STOP with introducing “friends of show” to stir the pot. It comes off as contrived. At this point, fans are on to the formula and over it. We’ve been with these women from the beginning so to us, they are family.

If Kenya’s not going to show her marriage, then recast her. It’s not fair to the viewers who want to see her new reality or the rest of the cast who are exposing the good, bad and ugly of their lives.

Cynthia, date more than one man. Show women in their 50s getting their groove back like Stella, being comfortable at “starting over” when they may have more years behind them than in front of them. There’s power in that story.

Kandi is the queen of entrepreneurship and more than the other ladies, her businesses are always highlighted, which I appreciate. Instead of focusing so much on her disgust with Porsha, it would have been amazing to see her journey from housewife to broadway star with her new role as Mama Morton in Chicago.

My favorite scene from this season was during their girls trip to Barcelona where Cynthia took them to a beach and attempted a spiritual rebirth with them all by lighting candles and making them say kind words about a castmate they were assigned to. Beautiful right? Even that was semi-ruined when Eva decided to shade Shamea for an earlier disagreement, although she cleaned it up in the end. Y’all can’t even keep it together in the name of a higher power?

Black women are all for that black girl magic and camaraderie nowadays. I don’t think the show has to end, I just believe fans are eager for substance.

 What are your thoughts about The Real Housewives of Atlanta?
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Leaves Us Craving More Substance
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