Photo: Snapee IG
By Mary Wolff

For natural hair, it is important to find hair accessories that are just right for your needs. When it comes to hair ties, too many naturals use harsh options that lead to pulling on edges, stress on strands, and complete breakage. Avoid the hair drama with this list of the 5 best hair ties for natural hair!



This pick for best hair ties is made with organic cotton that is gentle on hair. The inner band features elastic that is strong, but thanks to the innovate cotton covering, it won’t tug, pull, or break your strands. Check it out here.

2. Snappee 

The Snappee is a favorite for naturals because it doesn’t use elastic tension to keep hair in place. It simply wraps around hair and you snap it in place. It is made with soft material that won’t cause friction on your hair. Best of all, it won’t tug on your strands and you still get great hold that you can customize to fit your needs. Find them here.

3. Natural Life Boho Bands

These are colorful and fun while giving you hold without the tugging of other bands. Made with soft, machine-washable fabrics, these hair ties can be wrapped around as much as you need to get the right tension for your texture or desired style. They can even be worn as headbands for a truly versatile hair accessory great for naturalistas! Check them out here,

4. Invisibobble 

This is a great hair tie for when you need some extra hold. They offer hold without tugging on hair. They are free from elastic and you can wrap them to get the right tension for your style. They can also be worn as bracelets! See them here.

5. Hair Bungee Silicone

The Hair Bungee is a true innovation and great for curly and natural hair. Made with silicone instead of fabric or elastic, this pick for best hair ties for natural hair has hooks to hook together to get the hold you need. They still have the original made with fabric, but the silicone is even gentler on curls. Best of all, the silicone won’t tug on strands and you can say bye to pesky breakage caused by harsh hair ties. Find them here.

These are just a few of the options out there, but these are definitely great picks for natural hair. Your curls deserve hair ties that give you all the hold you need without all the strand pulling you don’t want!