Serena & Olympia 

By Erickka Sy Savané
For many, the days can seem long and staying UP can be an uphill battle. From #45 to police brutality to the snow storms that keep slamming the East Coast like a pro-wrestler, sometimes we need a diversion. Serena’s IG page is a good start. There we can find enough photos of her now 7-month-old sweet-faced baby Olympia to bring a smile to the gloomiest face. Don’t believe me, sift through this post and I guarantee you’ll be smiling too! You may even try to make a baby….


Many of us have already seen this stunning January Vogue cover, but it was too cute not to revisit. And after all, it was Alexis Olympia Ohanian’s debut as a Vogue cover star. Oh, and mom looks great too!

Serena captioned this photo “Welcome home momma.” Can you imagine being greeted by this face after a long day?
We’ve all seen Serena look at her racket just like this before winning match point, so you already know Olympia is getting red-D!
“She wanted to dress 80’s” says Serena, and we know that whatever lil Olympia wants, she gets! 
She get it from her mommy. Olympia has already got her mommy’s focus! 
The smiles say it all. These two know how to have a good time!


Looks like baby Olympia inherited momma’s brows! 

Olympia loves her Auntie Venus and Auntie V loves her!
All photos via Serena’s IG!


Did baby Olympia make you smile?

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