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Fighting Over a Man? You’ll Lose Every Time

Fighting Over a Man? You’ll Lose Every Time
By Veronica Wells

The internet is really no different than the rest of the world but what makes it so irresistible is the fact that the shenanigans from all four corners of the globe are collapsed into the palm of our hands. 

This past week, the internet has been discussing a girlfriend who threatened an Instagram model, in her DMs, over the behavior of her boyfriend. The concept sounds crazy. So I’ll just show you. 

Here’s 21-year-old Tajea-Jasmine Walton.
Fighting Over a Man? You’ll Lose Every Time
Tajea-Jasmine Walton
As far as Instagram models go, her following of just over 3,000 people is modest. But that didn’t stop one man from finding and following her. The practice of men following attractive women on the gram is not unheard of. But for one woman, it presented a real issue.

As a result, this woman decided to send Tajea a message…

Fighting Over a Man? You’ll Lose Every Time

Just so we’re clear, we have a boyfriend who’s infatuated with a stranger and his partner who has resorted to making threats in the DMs. 

There were a couple of people who tried to give this girlfriend the benefit of the doubt by saying “it’ll be a problem” in reference to the trouble she was going to cause for her man. To that I say, nice try. The fact that she wrote to her like she was her mama, “If I have to speak to you again,” lets us know exactly what she was trying to accomplish with this infantile request.

The fact that she needed to make an appeal to a stranger instead of talking to her own boyfriend, lets us know everything we need to about the nature of their relationship. Her man doesn’t give a damn about her. And I don’t say this because he’s following another woman on IG. We can tell he doesn’t care about her feelings because he’s made this woman the background on his phone and laptop and speaks about her like they go way back.

She doesn’t say whether or not she’s spoken to him about it, instead she’d rather place the responsibility of correcting her boyfriend’s behavior on Tajea, when her only crime was posting on Instagram and being attractive. And if she had spoken to him about it, his refusal to comply to a reasonable request, one that would make her feel more secure, reflects poorly on their entire relationship.

If you’re wondering what Tajea did in this situation, she told BuzzFeed News, that she didn’t respond to the message.

“I didn’t respond. I honestly just read it and blocked them both. There wasn’t any reason to go back and forth. I have my own boyfriend, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing I could do about him being oddly obsessed with me.”

Very mature. I can’t say what I would have done in the situation. I might have had a few choice words for this girlfriend. But then again, from the looks of things she certainly doesn’t need to catch another L.

By now, I’m sure the girlfriend has stumbled upon Walton’s story and the response she issued to the media. And if so, she likely saw this advice.

“What I want women to take from this is that…

1) You’re worth more than this.

2) The second you feel like you must attack another woman over a man, let him go.”

Do you men unfairly go after women when they should address their man?
Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days” and the creator of the website NoSugarNoCreamMag. You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter @VDubShrug.

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