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Kim Zolciak May Not Be a Racist, But She Does Have the Attitude of a Privileged White Woman

Kim Zolciak May Not Be a Racist, But She Does Have the Attitude of a Privileged White Woman
Kim Zolciak of the RHOA
By Brenda Alexander 
When Kim Zolciak cried to Andy Cohen about being “bullied” by “Five African-American women” during the Season 10 reunion of RHOA as a result of her obnoxious, inconsiderate and ignorant behavior and comments made throughout her time on the show, I sucked my teeth harder than a teenage girl in an argument with her parents. Her statement that racism is magnified by social media and her castmates owe her an apology for comparing her to a racist in such a digital infused world made me laugh. Oh Kim, the self-proclaimed “black girl in a white girl body.” Even after being affiliated with a show for over a decade with a predominantly black cast, mingling with them and altering your original face to include injected plump lips that many will argue you did due to your love of black features, you are still the typical privileged white woman.
Kim Zolciak May Not Be a Racist, But She Does Have the Attitude of a Privileged White Woman
RHOA Season 1

There’s nothing more annoying to me than a white woman who is repeatedly called out on her stereotypical worldview towards the black experience and instead of acknowledging the behavior and trying to better understand, she gets defensive, cries wolf and plays the “I don’t see color” card. This is exactly what Kim Zolciak has been doing since Season 1 of RHOA.

Remember the time when Kim belittled her black personal assistant while her co-stars voiced their uncomfortability and tried to educate her on why such behavior was inappropriate? Or, when she made a joke about not wanting to sit around with NeNe while “eating fried chicken.” She also referred to Kandi Burruss’ two home estate (that Kandi paid for in cash) as being in “the ghetto” after driving by gentrified areas of Atlanta on her way to the housewarming. Let’s not forget the recent sharing of a video of water bugs crawling around NeNe’s bathroom with the rest of her castmates (that her daughter took) where she accused NeNe of living in a roach nest? All of this, and then some, while she has professed her love of black women and our hair weaves while seemingly attempting to morph into one with extensions and visible plastic surgery that she instead attributes to makeup. Yeah, okay Kim.

The only ally Kim has is Sheree Whitfield, but that’s a separate conversation for a black woman to enable her behavior. Sheree should know better.

Do I personally think that Kim Zolciak is a racist? No. But, I do believe she hasn’t been held accountable. That was the case until she was put in the hot seat at this year’s reunion by not only her castmates, but also Andy Cohen.

Kim Zolciak May Not Be a Racist, But She Does Have the Attitude of a Privileged White Woman
Kim, Andy, and NeNe

After being bombarded with questions about roachgate between she and NeNe and other instances similar in the past that were accompanied by flashbacks (thanks production) whenever Kim attempted to lie or play dumb, Kim broke down post reunion to Cohen, semi-scolding him for being hard on her along with her cast. One thing I have noticed about Cohen in the past, and vlogger Funky Dineva cosigned my thoughts in a recent video, is that compared to other Real Housewives franchises with predominately white cast, Cohen lets cast members off of the hook and seems to steer away from asking them the harder questions. But, with RHOA reunions, all bets are always off. My irritation with Cohen for doing such was put to rest after watching his interaction with Kim.

At one point in the reunion, Kim tried to shut Cohen down after he refused to let her off the hook for accusing Kandi of making an advance at her. “Don’t even try to make me out to be a liar,” Kim said to Cohen. His response: “Kim, you said it on camera.” Not being able to take the pressure, Kim was in tears in a private conversation with Cohen where she claimed she was antagonized and questioned why Cohen didn’t come to her defense and ask her any “positive” questions. “There was nothing in your storyline this season that was positive,” Cohen answered. “It was all combative.” Thank you Andy. You may just get an invitation to the Memorial Day cookout.

Since the reunion aired, Kim has been quiet, which is unusual for her considering her social media presence. I hope she’s taking the time to reflect. To say that racism is blown up by social media takes her ignorance to a higher level. Kim lives in the South, where racism has always been present.

We live in a time now where the “I don’t see color” line won’t be accepted. This could be a teachable moment for her to become aware of her privilege and use it for a greater good with the type of platform she has. Since she adores the culture so much, if you’re going to appropriate it or yearn to be involved in it, then learn it completely and fight for it. But with recent news that Kim halted production on her own reality show “Don’t Be Tardy” because she’s upset over how she was treated at the RHOA reunion, it seems she’s still taking the victim stance. It’s time for Bravo to step it up.

Do you think that Kim is using her white privilege to play the victim?
 Kim Zolciak May Not Be a Racist, But She Does Have the Attitude of a Privileged White Woman
Brenda is a Philadelphia native with a love for Marketing, Creative writing, wine and Jesus. Her work has been featured on Mayvenn’s Real Beautiful blog and she is the co-author of the book Christmas 364: Be Merry and Bright Beyond Christmas Night (available for purchase on amazon). Follow her on IG @trulybrenda_ and

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