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Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He’s Naturally Glam!

Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He's Naturally Glam!
Steff Reed

By Jashima Wadehra

There’s something about a man that rocks a disheveled crown and a nappy beard that reeks of confidence. New York native and Bedstuy resident Steff Reed is one such man. See why this musician and educator whose hair idols are Lenny Kravitz & Jean Michel Basquiat is our Naturally Glam pick!


Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He's Naturally Glam!

What hair products doyou use? 
I use shea moisture shampoo and conditioner. Coconut oil, shea butter, scotch porter, as I am naturally, for my beard and hair.

How long have you rocked a beard and what do you use on it? I’ve always wanted to try grow my facial hair out, but felt pressure to fit in and rock clean cut styles. 2 years ago I decided to grow my beard & mustache out. It was one of the most liberating feelings ever. For maintenance I use shea butter and coconut oil.

What do you do ?

I am a full time Musician and Educator. When I’m not on the road performing or in the studio creating, I’m in the classroom teaching the next generation of artists how to embrace their inner rock star. My life is a constant learning and sharing of lessons that I learn while on the journey to manifesting my own dreams.

What does natural hair mean to you?

Having natural hair is empowering. I feel that through rocking my locs, I’m able to express myself in another way, own my individuality, while staying connected to my ancestors.

Do you feel there are enough male hair products on the market for you?

I think there are plenty of hair products on the market, but not enough education or lifestyle branding around hair care for men. I learn things from my community, I would like to see more content and conversations online.

Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He's Naturally Glam!

How do you express yourself?  

Self expression is very important to me. Throughout my life I’ve had to fight for my light. Fight for my dreams. Fight to be seen and heard. When I was in grade school I was often bullied and called weird, eccentric and made to believe that I wasn’t enough. As an adult who answered the calling of being an artist and pursuing an artist lifestyle, society at large tells you on an everyday basis to fit in, conform and stay in your lane. I practice radical self expression as an act of liberation, self love and revolution.

Tell us about your passion, the hustle and what you strive for. 
My passion is to uplift and encourage others to be themselves, live their dreams and not give up!! Music and education are skills and talents that I use to convey those messages. I strive to impact the world and save lives through my ministry of music.

Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He's Naturally Glam!

What do you do for fun?
Ever since I was a kid, one of my favorite past times has been bike riding. I don’t currently own a bike, but I do have an annual Citibike membership and ride bikes several times a day. Bike riding gives me an exhilarating feeling. A strong sense of freedom & nostalgia…It feels like flying.

Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He's Naturally Glam!
How do you stay healthy?
I used to be overweight and battled with alcohol. This caused me to have lots of health issues and look a lot older than I was. I’ve been a vegan for 6 years now and sober for 7. I find that making healthier lifestyle choices is the key to living a healthy life.

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Steff Reed is a Rock Star & He's Naturally Glam!
Jashima Wadehra is a writer, entrepreneur, artist and
lover of all people based in NYC. She can be found dancing and traveling
her way through life. 
Follow her on Instagram @TheChatterBoxLife and check out her new blog

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