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Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!

Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!
Mirna Norales of TimelesslyMirna

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mirna started her natural hair journey just four years ago and has since become a natural lifestyle queen! See why she’s our naturally glam pick and find out how to keep up with this blogger, cosmetologist and model.

Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!

What products do you use on your hair?

I’m very funny with hair products. I like to be as natural as possible, so I mostly DIY and mix ingredients that my hair needs at the moment. My staples are bentonite clay masks, apple cider vinegar, castor and olive oil. For additives, I use a variety of essential oils. I always buy these in bulk and they last me for months.

What do you do and why do you love it?
Part-time I blog and model. My blog, Timelesslymirna focuses on the natural lifestyle in beauty, fashion, and wellness. My mission is to emphasize the natural beauty that exists here, now and within us all. I use my cosmetology background to educate and provide resources on natural beauty in skin, hair, and nails. On the blog you can find DIY recipes, personal essays, and model look-books from both my own work and collaborations.

I’ve been modeling for about three years and I love it because I get to work with other creatives to relay a message we are all passionate about. There’s a vulnerability in being creative, it’s self expression. Every time I create something, whether it’s completing a piece of writing or walking down the runway, I learn something new about myself.

Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!
Mirna and her BFF

What do you do for fun?
For fun, I love to drive with my best friend out of the city. We sing at the top of our lungs, show off our best car dance moves, and talk for hours. Sometimes we like to hike in nature, other times we eat Italian food.

How do you stay healthy?
To stay healthy I drink as much water as I can, from tea to seltzers. More water doesn’t hurt. I walk all the time, mainly because I prefer it than the subway. I’ve also been a vegetarian for three years so that’s made me selective about what I choose to eat. Every so often throughout the year I go through my gym phases.

How has having natural hair contributed to your life? 
Until I went natural I never really considered myself beautiful. I started diving into makeup and hair extensions very early on. I knew all done up I was attractive, but if I took off my makeup and let my natural hair out, I wasn’t so sure. Not until I big chopped and started to wear little-to-no-makeup did I grow an appreciation for my natural beauty. I started to like my skin with no foundation and I began to love my hair in an afro. And better yet everyone else loved it too! I get more compliments as a natural than I ever did with a weave. For new naturals, it’s like an awakening.

Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!

What’s been the best part of your natural hair journey?
For me, the best part of being natural has been learning my hair. I like to describe styling my hair as having a conversation. Sometimes, I like to try a style that I saw on Pinterest or Youtube and my hair will react like, “No girl, you tried it!” So I’d have to work with what my hair is giving me at that point or start from square one. Some may find it frustrating that your hair isn’t doing what you want it to, but I find that’s when I’m the most creative resulting in some of my best styles.

Did you have any positive hair role models growing up?
My mother was natural to a fault. She rarely wore makeup and if she did it was her lipstick in her favorite shade, brown. Her hair was natural and short, with soft, fine strands. She always wore it in a low ponytail or in two braids. I always thought she was so beautiful.

Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!
Youtube Vlogger Donedo

Do you have a hair crush?
Youtube Vlogger Donedo is definitely my hair crush. She has the hair of my dreams.

Do you let people touch your hair?
Yes, I definitely let people touch my hair. As long as they ask and use the hand sanitizer I provide. I’m always down to teach someone something new about hair.

Have you had any negative experiences with natural hair?
My worst experiences being natural have been a couple instances when African American men have told me that my hair looked like I didn’t comb it or I looked like a runaway slave (yes, someone actually said that to my face). At first these remarks were hurtful, of course, but later it fueled me to wear my natural hair even more. At that point it became a statement to be natural confidently.

What’s the best hair advice you give to other women?
Some of the best advice I have is to be patient and have fun with the length you’re at now. Find the fierceness in it, rock it, and before you know it you’re Rapunzel!! Oh, and moisturize, seal, and don’t skip your trims!

Beauty & Natural Lifestyle Blogger Mirna Norales is Naturally Glam!

How do you stay positive?
I stay positive by remembering to be grateful for what I have in front of me. Nothing is promised, but change. As long as I’m secure in myself, no obstacles, be it people or situations will have power over me. I always take care of myself and give myself time to regroup, review, and relax. I can’t help someone, if I can barely help myself

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