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#BlackHairIs…Having the Tough Conversations Between Relaxed & Naturals

#BlackHairIs...Having the Tough Conversations Between Relaxed & Naturals
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By Erickka Sy Savané
Many of us would be lying if we said that we don’t hold any judgments or bias when we see a woman with relaxed hair. The same could be said when a relaxed-haired woman sees someone natural. Nobody’s saying it’s right, it just is. Black Hair Is (#BlackHairIs)…a project by in conjunction with hair care line Smooth ‘N Shine seeks to have the tough conversations between relaxed and naturals. In a series of 12 short videos, women on both sides talk candidly about biases, stereotypes, whether a mom should perm her daughter’s hair and more. Hopefully, a lil’ open and honest dialogue will make it a better place for us all!


Why is relaxed or natural hair better for you?
Should a mom perm her daughter’s hair? 
What are the relaxed and natural hair stereotypes?
Watch all the videos here:    
What are your thoughts on this series? 
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