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If You Don’t Have a Succulent Plant, Here’s What You’re Missing


By Kira Sparkles

Last winter, my roommate, Earl, brought home a plant. It was a small plant from the grocery store with thick, green leaves and little pink flowers. He usually brought home cut flowers, but it was the first time he brought home an actual plant. My first thought was that this plant would die in a week. I have the brownest of thumbs. I tried growing basil that summer with no luck. When I was a teenager, I somehow managed to kill my lucky bamboo. This thing didn’t have a chance. He didn’t seem too hopeful either.

Still, we named the plant Bruce and gave him water. He sat on our countertop until I decided to move him by a sunny window. We watered him once a week.

To my surprise, Bruce didn’t die. Bruce got bigger. I had to transplant him into a new, slightly bigger pot. Still, he got bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

If You Don't Have a Succulent Plant, Here's What You're Missing

Two more transplants later and flash forward to today, Bruce is a huge plant with thick, curling stems and lush leaves. I need to transplant him again, but I know he’s just going to keep growing and I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with such a huge plant!

I wondered why this time around was different. I didn’t do anything special except water my plant and give it sunlight. Other plants I’ve done the same to haven’t been nearly as abundant.

After some research, I found that Bruce is a kalanchoe, a breed of succulent. Succulents have been everywhere in the last few years and it’s easy to see why! Just look at them!

If You Don't Have a Succulent Plant, Here's What You're Missing

They’re so beautiful and colorful! You don’t need any experience with plants to grow them. They’re cheap as hell. They’re damn near impossible to kill. Their leaves break off and create even more succulents. The best part about all of this? These plants are so low maintenance that even when I forget to water them they don’t start withering away. That’s because succulents are related to cacti meaning they’re great at retaining water for the dry environments they’re used to.

Once I watched Bruce really take off, I had the confidence to buy more succulents. I now have a few in my room and a couple outside. I even found out that aloe is a kind of succulent and immediately got one! (Hello hydrated hair and skin!)

If You Don't Have a Succulent Plant, Here's What You're Missing
Succulent pots outside my door

With their intricate patterns and beautiful coloring, they can improve not only your mood but also your concentration. Besides the aesthetic appeal, they can purify the air in your home helping you breathe better.

When I see my plants thriving it makes me feel proud and happy. I’m rewarded with a touch of beauty in my living space. With their adaptability, succulents can thrive in whatever pot you put them in. I’ve seen small desk planters, I’ve seen tiny pots, I’ve even seen old frames used as gardens filled to the brim with succulents.

The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination.

Someone even put these creepy things to good use!

I’m completely in love with the creativity and versatility that these plants allow. Next time when you’re at a box store, visit the garden department. I guarantee you’ll find something you like without spending too much money.

How do you feel about having your own succulent garden?
If You Don't Have a Succulent Plant, Here's What You're Missing
Kira is a passionate, outspoken writer keeping it real for the people. If You Don't Have a Succulent Plant, Here's What You're MissingShe’s a UF graduate with a soft spot for cats. Read more of her work at her blog KiraSparkles!

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