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If You’re Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here’s What You’re Missing!

If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!
Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 Cast Promotional Photo

By Brenda Alexander

Whenever I ask friends if they watch Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac, I’m hit with the same response: “I’ve heard about it and saw a few clips, but haven’t watched it yet. I hear it’s good.” Well, what you’ve heard is correct, Real Housewives of Potomac has been slept on and I’m here to wake y’all up!
After three seasons, the show has found its groove. The Potomac ladies serve you early RHOA: raw and unconcerned before the reality TV millions and good wigs come into existence. Plus drama, interesting relationship dynamics, financial fronting and fun. So for those unfamiliar, let me give you a quick overview!
If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!
RHOP Candiace Dillard

Let’s start with the newbie. Pageant queen Candiace Dillard is a 30-year-old browned skinned beauty engaged to a sexy, bearded, white restaurateur – Chris. Unlike most housewives who marry up, Candiace survives off her mother’s self-made psychology practice, who in turn uses it to keep Candiace on a string. Case in point, mom’s paying for the wedding and Candiace and Chris live in a home that mom owns with Candiace, where she and Chris pay one half of the mortgage (collectively) and mom pays the other half. Mom also stays with the soon-to-be married couple for weeks at a time and considers it her “vacation home.” Huh? Confused tf out of me too. Needless to say, the other ladies aren’t impressed with Candiace’s sugar-mama financed lifestyle and it causes them to question her maturity and place within the group.


If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!
RHOP Ashley Darby

29-year-old RHOP vet Ashley Darby is married to Michael, an Australian businessman who is almost three decades her senior. Tired of playing housewife, she sought money independently of her husband. They founded Oz, an Aussie inspired restaurant in Arlington, VA. Ashley moved out of their marital home (but later returned) after their work-life became too much. From, the outside looking in, it seemed like Ashley was feeling herself and wanted to break free after she deposited some of those Bravo checks and made a little money from her share of the restaurant and was over Michael’s control. But hunti, was I wrong?! Turns out, Michael’s a damn finance broker for Ashley’s family. He’s been paying her unemployed mama’s $3k monthly rent in a home that he purchased for her post bankruptcy (and a car) under the condition that she leave her broke, non-working, long term boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ashley’s been sliding her mama an additional $1,500 on the side, leaving Michael to give an ultimatum: your mom or our marriage…

If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!
RHOP Monique Sammuels

Motormouth Monique is married to NFL Hall of Famer Chris Sammuels. Let her tell it, Chris is the breadwinner and she’s the manager. She runs his charities and whatever other businesses she owns, throws lavish and fun parties (including a $20k 1st birthday party/christening for their daughter), smokes cigars and complains about how tired and busy she is as a mom who just moved into a 12,000-square foot home (because she says they outgrew their last home) who is raising two children with no Nanny. Oh Monique. I want to like her but she sometimes makes it hard. She’s definitely fun and will bust out into a rap at any given time; but she gives off a “new money” attitude that will have you giving her the side eye. Her mother-in-law feels the same. Or, maybe I’m just hating? Lol I’m all for being well off but damn, it seems a bit braggy.

If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing! If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!
RHOP Gizelle Bryant RHOP Robyn Dixon

Gizelle and Robyn A.K.A. “The Green Eyed Bandits. These two had to be grouped together because they are the BFF’s of the show. Gizelle is the ex-wife of Baltimore mega Pastor/Philanderer Jamal Bryant and Robyn Dixon is the ex-wife/live in sleep in the same bed, co-parent of former NBA Player Juan Dixon. Gizelle is a serial dater, sarcastic with a dry sense of humor who owns her own makeup line, Every Hue Beauty; while Robyn is constantly trying to pull herself and her family out of financial ruin and figure out what the hell her and Juan are doing. Gizelle is more outspoken and semi-ring leader-ish and Robyn is the quieter (or sneakier), who seems real chill but turns when Gizelle is around. *Sigh*

If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!
RHOP Karen Huger

And then there’s Karen Huger, the self proclaimed “Grand Dame” of Potomac who viewers fell in love with after she gave a Swarovski Crystal framed photo of the top 10 rules of etiquette to Gizelle – post Gizelle sitting at the center of the table at her party, which Karen deemed inappropriate. She makes it known, with pride, that one of the only jobs she’s ever had was as an employee of Taco Bell. She’s been well kept since marrying her husband Ray, whom she refers to as the “Black Bill Gates” since Ray is CEO of a successful tech company. After forcing my friend to watch a few episodes of the show, while laughing he claimed; “Karen looks like she saw one episode of any Real Housewives show and said: Housewives, that’s me! I was born to do this!” I couldn’t agree more. Mrs. Huger is reality tv gold. Don’t believe me? Just watch this clip.

This show is everything. In between their individual storylines, you have several “wtf” moments. Just recently, Karen Huger came under fire for her husband’s tax issues and to address the ladies questions, she rented out a private room in a restaurant to throw a press conference that featured no press, no food and she answered no questions; instead, there was house champagne and peanuts. Ashley finds herself in everyone’s mess and is the common denominator in the group’s arguments while Gizelle and Robyn stir the pot. Candiace is constantly crying about her mom’s meddling and trying to hide Chris’ secret teenaged son from a previous relationship from her (in addition to the other two toddlers he shares with an ex-wife), and Monique is trying to protect her charitable reputation after getting into a car accident post a drink session with Ashley that has everyone questioning if she has a problem. It’s a real ki-ki.

RHOP airs Sunday nights at 8PM on Bravo. You can watch from Season 1 on Hulu.

What are your thoughts on the show?
If You're Not Watching Real Housewives of Potomac, Here's What You're Missing!


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