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Curly Nikki

#BeHerNow & the Rest Will Follow

#BeHerNow & the Rest Will Follow

You probably don’t know the ‘how’ or the ‘when,’ but you always know the ‘WHAT.’ And I’m not talking about the weight loss, the ring, or the bank account, I’m talking about the reason WHY you want that stuff… the happiness, the peace, the joy, the comfort and security you think you’re gonna have when you finally get it. But if you’ve been actually reading my hella long IG captions, you already know that the only way to be happy, is to be happy, now. ‘Then’ is always, perpetually around the corner. It never comes. You have to be genuinely at peace in this moment. You have to be whole to experience wholeness. You have to be love to be loved.

Your #1 purpose, in every ‘now,’ is to re-discover and stay consciously aware of your inner Wholeness… the ‘I Am’ that was aware of just being, before it was aware of being you. IT is experienced in the body as stillness, effortless quiet, or loud silence (even in the midst of hella noise… even in the midst of hella thoughts). IT doesn’t lack anything because IT is everything.

Here’s the best part— when you’re aware of IT, you’re aware of being naturally joyful, whole, secure… you’re aware of being HER. #BeHerNow #AndTheRestWillFollow

-Nikki Walton

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