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Curly Nikki

Flip the Switch: An Exercise on How to #BeHerNow

Flip the Switch: An Exercise on How to #BeHerNow

Gathered, yet? #FlipTheSwitch #BeHerNow


Fun Fact- You are not the annoyed and easily bothered individual you think you are. Your natural Self is ‘good’… happy for no reason, and inherently grateful. To remember and ‘experience’ this reality, you don’t have to change your beliefs, fake it til you make it, or do anything— you just need to stop ‘doing’ for a second… stop thinking long enough to see and BE this.

Try this- place two items in front of you on a table, about 12 inches apart… a pen and your phone, or whatever is in arms reach. Now, sit comfortably and pay attention to both. Try to look at both. Give both items your full attention, and at the same time, notice that you’re aware of yourself looking at these two items. Now, as you continue to look, notice how your body feels.

This activity (looking at, watching or trying to pay attention to two things at once), momentarily short circuits your thoughts— your mind grows quiet and your body feels relaxed and good. Once you’re used to this quiet joy, you can skip the exercise and go right to the feels. Choose these feels over your habitual annoyed and bothered feels, until you remember that these feels are HOME. And when you’re HOME, you’re HER.

The above exercise is inspired by Frank Kinslow’s ‘The Secret of Quantum Living.’ -Nikki Walton

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