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Is Fitness a Goal This Summer? Here’s 7 Myths That Keep You From Reaching Your Ideal Body.

Is Fitness a Goal This Summer? Here's 7 Myths That Keep You From Reaching Your Ideal Body.

By Michelby Coco-Whitehead

There’s nothing like your favorite pair of jeans ripping in the thigh area to let you know it’s time to back away from the table and bust a sweat in the gym. If you’re serious about shedding pounds, you’ve got to be able to distinguish fitness facts from fiction. This is where Dani Taylor comes in.


Is Fitness a Goal This Summer? Here's 7 Myths That Keep You From Reaching Your Ideal Body.
Nutritionist & Trainer Dani Taylor

As a nutritionist and personal trainer, she helps women with busy lifestyles implement the correct strategies to maintain their new physique. A North Carolina Central grad, Dani works with clients across the U.S. and provides them with fitness plans and nutrition info specifically for their body goals.

“The important thing is to remember that everyone’s body is different.” says Dani. I had a client lose 95 pounds in l0 months; that’s not attainable for everyone—body fat distribution and genetics play a huge role. But regardless of these variables, there are some constants that women must be aware of if they want to have their best bodies this summer,” she says.

If you’re ready to improve your overall health, you’re in for a treat. Here, Dani weighs in on 7 myths that keep women from reaching their ideal body.

Weight loss equals fat loss
Just because you’re losing weight does not always mean you’re losing fat. When the number on the scale drops, you’ll probably be excited to lose fat so quickly. Unfortunately, you could be losing muscle mass or, more commonly, water weight. If you’ve increased the sodium lately you might be holding on to some extra water. Cut back on the salty foods and drink plenty of water so your body doesn’t have to hold on to it.

You can get rid of your belly fat only
Contrary to popular belief you can’t target belly fat, or any other trouble spots for that matter. There’s no way to pick and choose where it leaves from. Crunches will only tone the muscle that lies beneath the fat on your stomach.

You can eat whatever you want if you exercise
Here’s the thing, you can’t outwork a bad diet. So, if you’re thinking about hitting the gym until it closes and ordering pizza, that’s not how this works! You absolutely must change your eating habits to see real results.

You can sweat off fat
The latest craze is sweat suits and hitting the sauna to drop weight in a short amount of time. Doing this you’re more than likely losing water weight. All it takes is a glass of wine or a little too much sodium and the pounds will be added right back on.

If you lose weight fast, you’ll gain it back fast
Just to be clear the speed at which you lose weight has no bearing on how long it stays off. The only thing that almost guarantees weight will come back is going back to the terrible eating habits. With the proper lifestyle changes, you can keep the weight off.

Cheat days are the way to stay on track
By far one of the best ways to sabotage your goals is to set aside a whole day to eat all the junk you’ve been avoiding so carefully the past week. You can completely delay your amazing results. It’s better to find a balance that allows you to have foods you wouldn’t usually have once or twice a week, instead of binge eating it in one day.

Is fitness on your list this summer?
Is Fitness a Goal This Summer? Here's 7 Myths That Keep You From Reaching Your Ideal Body.

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