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Curly Nikki

The Way You Speak to Yourself Matters the Most #BeHerNow

The Way You Speak to Yourself Matters the Most #BeHerNow
Starting tomorrow morning, make a commitment to be present as an objective audience to your inner voice. Like, instead of being ‘the thinker’ of the thoughts, be ‘the listener’ behind them. It’s a simple but necessary shift that you’ll have to keep remembering— just keep falling back and reminding yourself to watch yourself like you’re watching a movie about someone else.

Note that there’s no need to roll up your sleeves and go-in on each and every little, negative thought or self-criticism— just watch… listen… witness. That’s all you have to do. The light of awareness automatically re-wires your whole situation— replacing your petty, fearful thoughts with HER empowering, productive ones. Just stay woke. #BeHerNow

p.s. There’s a LOUD silence that’s present before, during, and after every thought. If you can find that silence, then remaining as ‘the listener’ (no matter how messy, bitchy or scary the thoughts are) is recognized to be not only effortless, but joyful. Find the silence and stay there as the thoughts come and go. -Nikki Walton

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