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True Story: I Negotiated How Long My Man Should Go Down On Me

True Story: I Negotiated How Long My Man Should Go Down On Me


“Are you going to cum?” asks my dude of some months, breaking the momentum of going down on me to rub his neck once again.
“Yea. I’m close.”
“You said that 15 mins ago.”
“You can’t have me down here all day.”
“Ok. So what’s the cutoff time?” I ask.
“What’s a decent amount of time that you feel comfortable?” I repeat.
“15 no more than 30 mins.”
“That’s plenty!”
“But you already used up 30,” he says.
“That can’t be right,” I frown.
“You do it all the time.”

The next morning I’m running the numbers through my head. On one hand, 15 minutes for my guy to go down on me seems like a lot. But what about the times when it takes 15 just to get warmed up? Am I supposed to throw in the towel because I’ve hit the 15-minute mark? Even if I push it the extra 15 I still might not cum because of the pressure. Uh oh. Did I make a bum deal? What if I never cum again? The only way to know if this is going to work is by finding out the average cutoff time. For this, I rely on my trusted friends.

I text Girlfriend #1: Hey, how long you like a guy to go down on you?
Girlfriend: Anything more than 10 minutes is a waste.
Me: A waste?
Girlfriend: Yea, by then I probably already came no less than 3 times so I’mma be ready for some D.

 GoodGodInHeaven! Who cums 3 times in 10 minutes? Who cums in ten minutes? 

Girlfriend #2: 10 minutes is all I need. My man knows my body so well.
When I tell her that I’ve been known to go 30, sometimes an hour, she starts laughing.
Girlfriend #2: Well, if you can hold it that long. I know I can’t.

It’s funny because my man’s biggest complaint going down on me is that I hold it. But isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? I could cum in 10 minutes too if I really wanted, but why would I? The way I see it, when a guy goes down, that’s my time to kick back and relax. Of course, I wanna cum, but I ain’t sprinting to the finish line.

Male BFF: Oh, so you’re that greedy chick that don’t care that her man’s tongue is about to fall off. I get the job done in less than 10 mins every time. (He brags)
Me: 10 minutes?

He explains that it’s not just him, a lot of women aren’t much into oral sex after that. Some aren’t into it at all. He thinks expecting a woman to want you down there forever is the same as thinking she wants to get banged for hours. You agree with him on that. Banging for hours is so young. Who stays wet that long? Plus it’s tiring. But what about the fact that some dudes LOVE going down? Is that a myth too?

For that answer I go to my buddy from back in the day that I know LOVES to go down. At least, that’s all he used to talk about. If he says his limit is 10 minutes too I’m done. He shoots me back a text…

Old Homie: I don’t have a timer as long as we both in sync. That’s when it’s perfect.

I KNEW it! A man with no time constraints!

2nd text…But a good rule of thumb is that after 10-15 minutes you’ll know if success can be reached or you need to stop.

Okay, SO EVEN HE HAS A CUTOFF. What have I learned? I seriously need to get it together because ain’t nobody, not even my man, gonna eat the coot like it’s his job. In fact, he’s been saying that he’d rather not have sex with me at all then have to go down on me after. I thought he was just lazy. In light of this new info. I’m going to take the ’15-30-minute deal’ that my guy offered me and run like hell because it’s a steal!

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