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16-Year-Old Devian White is a Naturally Glam Georgia Peach

16-Year-Old Devian White is a Naturally Glam Georgia Peach
Devian White

By Mwabi Kaira

Look at most young girls and they are busy mimicking the looks and actions of older women they see on social media. Everyone looks like the next girl; same hair, same make up, same clothes, and that’s why it’s so refreshing to see 16-year-old Georgia Peach, Devian White, so comfortable in her own skin!


16-Year-Old Devian White is a Naturally Glam Georgia Peach

How long have you been natural? Have you ever felt any pressure to perm your hair?
I have been natural most of my life. My hair was damaged from a perm that took a long time to grow out. Perming my hair wasn’t my decision and it’s something I never wanted because I’ve always loved my natural curly hair. I feel great being able to embrace mine and encourage women to embrace theirs too.

Where do you get your confidence?

Knowing that I’m not like everyone else is already a confidence booster. I’m never afraid of who’s looking or worried about sticking out from the crowd; I’m 100% comfortable with my puffball everywhere I go. My family and friends encourage me to continue wearing my natural hair and love that uniqueness about me. I never pay attention to any negative comments about my hair, it makes me love it even more.

Who is your hair inspiration?
My hair inspiration is Lauren Lewis. She isn’t afraid to show the world the beauty she possesses as a black woman. Her hair is beautiful, big, curly, and free. She inspires so many men and women to embrace their natural beauty.

16-Year-Old Devian White is a Naturally Glam Georgia Peach

What products have you found that work for your hair?

I use shampoo and conditioner by OGX, curl tamer by Curls, and moisturizer by Shea Moisture.

Tell me about Silky Skin Custard and how you got to work with them?
Silky Skin Custard is a black-owned business with handmade skincare products. My mom is a good friend of the owner and I was given the opportunity to participate in a video shoot to promote the business.

Silky Skin Custard

Any advice for teen girls thinking about wearing their hair natural?
To any girl who is thinking about transitioning, it’s definitely something worth a try. It’s the healthiest route that you can take for your hair and it can help you become more comfortable with your natural beauty. It’s important to be aware of how beautiful you are and not be afraid to show it!

16-Year-Old Devian White is a Naturally Glam Georgia Peach

What are your plans after High School?
I’m weighing two options after I graduate high school: Attending Savannah College of Art and Design for a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Or, studying architecture abroad in a European country that also offers English study programs.

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