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Cool Off This Summer With a Delicious Mojito Popsicle Recipe

Cool Off This Summer With a Delicious Mojito Popsicle Recipe
Poptail Mojito recipe 
By Kira Sparkles

I’m in love with Pinterest. I usually use it to look up cute clothes, recipes and occasional crafts that I know I’ll never make. But with the recipes, I found something cute and summery that stuck with me.

Poptails, a combination of ‘popsicles’ and ‘cocktails.’ An alcoholic ice pop.


There were pages upon pages of recipes for turning everyone’s cocktail favorites into popsicles. Pina coladas, margaritas, the choices are endless. Since my roommate’s birthday just passed I asked if he had a preference and he suggested mojitos which happened to be my favorite too. So I decided to figure out, were these poptails really everything they were cracked up to be? Time to experiment…

Cool Off This Summer With a Delicious Mojito Popsicle Recipe
The ingredients 

The recipe I found, it was from a British website, so let me just go ahead and convert this really quick for y’all.

2 cups of water
½ cup of white sugar
3 stalks and half the leaves of three mint sprigs
Finely grated zest and juice of four limes
A few reserved mint leaves
3 oz white rum

Heat your water until the sugar dissolves. Once it does, take it off the heat and add your mint, and your lime zest and juice.

Now listen, I zested about two limes before my arm got tired and y’all I was TRYING. I put my elbow into it and barely any zest came off. I gave up after I zested two limes, but I added what I had and the juice of one decently sized lime. The mixture tasted fine. Really. Unless you want to make it super citrusy. It’s a matter of preference though.

Anyway, let those flavors steep and your mixture cool before you strain it and get all that stuff out. Then pour in your white rum. Woop woop!

Grab some popsicle molds and fill them not quite to the top. Top it with those mint leaves you saved, stick those bad boys in the freezer and have patience.

Cool Off This Summer With a Delicious Mojito Popsicle Recipe

The popsicle mold

The popsicle molds I picked up were from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $4.99. It was the only thing I could find in store, but I’m sure there are more online. The straw feature turned out to be handy af though because as the pop started melting it just became a mojito, so everyone wins!

Delicious! My only complaint was the consistency. It was a bit like frozen slush. It held together nicely but they don’t get rock hard because of the alcohol, so just be careful when you go for the first taste. I broke off a quarter of the pop in one bite.

But do you get a buzz though?!
Listen, I’m a terrible person to judge lit-ness by. I’m a lightweight. A cheap date. My friends laugh at me. But after one popsicle I felt toasty in a pleasant way. I’m sure two would make you feel REALLY nice, but if nothing else it’s good to get the party started.

I would definitely do something like this again because it’s a fun novelty for the summer. There are millions of recipes to choose from so you’ll never get bored with flavors. Plus, you’ll look crafty and a little bourgie bringing these to your next get together. Save it for a small group of people you love. They’ll thank you later.

Do you have a favorite poptail recipe?
Cool Off This Summer With a Delicious Mojito Popsicle Recipe
Kira is a passionate, outspoken writer keeping it real for the people. She’s a UF graduate with a soft spot for cats. Read more of her work at her blog KiraSparkles!

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