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Curly Nikki

Facing a Challenge? Feel IT. Walk in IT. You’ve Already Won. #BeHerNow

Facing a Challenge? Feel IT. Walk in IT. You've Already Won. #BeHerNow


Smile. Breathe. Relax your shoulders. Silently give thanks for and send love to whatever it is you’re currently growing through. It’s only happening to remind you of your true Self, of your inner Power, of your ‘I Am.’

At any one time you may think you’re desiring a resolution to a conflict, a new car, a new home, a new relationship, but at the root of all of these little desires is your primal need to remember, know and BE what you really are. IT puts you through certain experiences to bring you Home!

#Remember #MakeTheMainThingTheMainThing #SeekYeFirstTheKingdom

Your job is to keep turning to your ‘I Am,’ the loving awareness, the inner Presence, and feeling that all is well. That’s actually the automatic response to turning within and sensing the silence of Presence— IT feels good, IT feels like general well-being, perfection— even when circumstances suggest otherwise. IT’s a felt sign, the first sign, that your blessing is HERE, even though you can’t see it yet.

When everything works out, as it always does, your #faith in Presence will be stronger. This is not blind-faith, this is felt-faith. Joel Goldsmith likened it to being in a pool, unable to swim and declaring, ‘I have faith!’ while having on water wings and rocking an inner tube of course you KNOW you’re not gonna drown. That’s the kind of faith I’m talking about. Cultivate, that. Be that. So you can finally be HER! #BeHerNow

I love you all so much and intend that you can appreciate whatever is challenging you right now. It’s truly all okay, everything is great. Feel IT and walk in IT knowing that you’ve already won. It’s done.

P.S. **the real blessing is freedom from circumstances.

The freedom to know you’re okay, no matter what. And when you truly know that all is ‘okay,’ circumstances start reflecting back to you that way. Take your power back. -Nikki Walton 

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